Tuesday, January 5, 2010

not what i was picturing....

Cy wearing Dada's boots today...

Belated Christmas celebration at the Emmer's (we had to leave early in Dec due to snowstorm!)

Cy got around, helping everyone open their gifts, plus his own!

The Emmer brothers blowing out their bday cake. 35 & 40. Old farts!

Well, i was truly a bit scared to come home and be let-down because the holidays and vacation were so much fun... too much fun... but all of a sudden, we get home and there's a million things going on again! We have a condo showing, Patrick has a business trip, Cy & I have play dates, Seasame Street Live (we'll see how that goes -- I hope that at least one of us likes it! We haven't started actually watching Seasame Street yet), and, of course, the Pack made it to the play-offs! I also realized that we already have 5 weddings (not including yours, jens! ;) coming up this spring and summer! Lots of fun times (and hopefully grandparent babysitting days) ahead!
Yesterday Cy & I skyped with the Wisco grandparents for the first time. It was pretty successful. Cy said "Jesse" twice yesterday and twice today so I think it is officially a "new word." Sadly, he learned the name of my parents' dog (Jesse) before learning the name of our own! He just calls Jackson "Woof." Which if pretty darn cute too.
Tonight it is Little Gym for Cy & Dada and sushi for mama with her girls! Yum.

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