Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and about a thousand pictures!

xcountry skiing on Patrick's 35th bday

Cy and his cousin Henry at Christmas

Cy with two huge lions behind him at the zoo.

The gang at the zoo. We were lucky that Brandon, Megan and Ada came to meet us there -- they are expecting their second baby any day now!

Snowy camel

walking through the zoo with dad and grandma

stuffin a 50 spot in his pocket (don't worry - it's already in his savings account!)

runaway toddler at Wirth Park in Brookfield

xcountry skiing at Wirth. Cy is in that sled that's hooked to my waist! Best best best invention ever! The only way we can still ski this winter -- without a babysitter!

Lunch with great-grandpa Cy in Milwaukee

A whole week off of work for Patrick brought lots of adventures for our little family. We just got in to Mpls tonight... We had such a great time this week!! Here are some more of my favorite pictures from our week!

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Jennifer said...

I see you got your dream gift...the toddler sleigh! You should see if Jackson can be hooked up to it and pull it. Then you could put reindeer antlers on him just like in the Grinch!