Thursday, January 28, 2010

for Nana and Bopa in case you miss stinky socks!

(we just got back from sledding - hence the long johns and turtleneck!)

On Saturday night Patrick had a bachelor party so Uncle Tim, Cy and I went to the.... (can you guess?!?) Mall Of America Aquarium!! And we went out for a nice dinner! Super fun night. Thanks Timmy!
They have a little "pool" at the end where you can touch horseshoe crabs, star fish, shells, etc. Cy always dunks his hand in multiple times. I think it might be his fav part.

Here he is at the Children's Museum in St Paul. They had a dinosaur exhibit that he "sorta" liked. He LOVED the digging part of it (they have a toddler-sized excavation site) but the life-sized dinosaurs scared him! We went with two other moms and their babes. Our friend Molly took this pic. Thanks Molly for sending it to us!
Anyways, we are OFF to Wisco!! Talk soon!
the emmers

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

time to ask you for money!!!

Hi friends and family!
On Sat Feb 27th, I am participating in an event called the 2010 Fight For Air Climb.

Anyone interested in donating to help me raise my $500 fundraising goal?

If you are, you can read about the event and donate on my personal fundraising (and highly secure) web page!

Thank you!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter fun

Cy and his friend Camille at Burger Jones. They were so cute together!
Pulling his sled this morning

snow eater

In front of Lake of the Isles

Skiing Saturday. I love the skyline in the background!

The last time we were right here, we were in swim suits! Cedar Lake beach.

Going skiing early on Saturday morning.

Cy & I at Sesame Street Live

At Old Chicago watching the Packer's last game. What an exciting yet disappointing game!

Hi Y'all!
We had a great weekend. I hope you did as well! We dined with friends, went skiing, went to the aquarium (on Thursday AND Sunday!), went to Sesame Street Live and Patrick had a dream day yesterday - he went to the Vikings playoff game!
Sesame Street Live was a total riot. We went with our friends Molly and Campbell. We had 4th row floor seats! I was amazed at Cy's reaction. He stayed on my lap the whole 1 1/2 hr show! And he loved it! I even got a little choked up watching him watch the show. Who knew!? (well, I guess everyone but me because it was at Mpls' largest arena - the Target Center -- and there were a lot of people there!)
I felt a little bad for Patrick yesterday. Definitely just "a little." He rushed into the house, all giddy after being at the Viking's playoff game, chanting "I Love Brett Favre" and all I could do was show mild enthusiasm. It was probably a bit of a let down for him after having so much fun! I even napped during the 3rd quarter. It's sometimes fun to root for opposing teams... but it means we don't celebrate together either!
Anyhoo, Cy just went to sleep after a morning of sledding at a nearby park. So I am going to pop in an exercise DVD and try to get in shape! I have resorted to DVD's because Cy hates the gym daycare. I know someday I am going to have to remedy that, but it is sooo much work! A 20 minute drive to the gym only to be paged 10 minutes later and drive 20 minutes home sorta sux! So Jillian Michaels and her new exercise DVD and skiing have become my staples... hopefully for only a month or two til it warms up enough to jog the lakes again! If you are in the market for an at home workout DVD, I recommend you try her out. You can try it for free on the On-Demand channel (where you rent movies.) I am totally sweating and panting and wishing for it to be over about halfway through it (yikes, talking about this makes me want to nap instead of work out!) Anyways, its tough!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

another retro vid from Sept

Monday, January 11, 2010


This video is of Cy roughly one year ago. Wow he has changed!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

not what i was picturing....

Cy wearing Dada's boots today...

Belated Christmas celebration at the Emmer's (we had to leave early in Dec due to snowstorm!)

Cy got around, helping everyone open their gifts, plus his own!

The Emmer brothers blowing out their bday cake. 35 & 40. Old farts!

Well, i was truly a bit scared to come home and be let-down because the holidays and vacation were so much fun... too much fun... but all of a sudden, we get home and there's a million things going on again! We have a condo showing, Patrick has a business trip, Cy & I have play dates, Seasame Street Live (we'll see how that goes -- I hope that at least one of us likes it! We haven't started actually watching Seasame Street yet), and, of course, the Pack made it to the play-offs! I also realized that we already have 5 weddings (not including yours, jens! ;) coming up this spring and summer! Lots of fun times (and hopefully grandparent babysitting days) ahead!
Yesterday Cy & I skyped with the Wisco grandparents for the first time. It was pretty successful. Cy said "Jesse" twice yesterday and twice today so I think it is officially a "new word." Sadly, he learned the name of my parents' dog (Jesse) before learning the name of our own! He just calls Jackson "Woof." Which if pretty darn cute too.
Tonight it is Little Gym for Cy & Dada and sushi for mama with her girls! Yum.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and about a thousand pictures!

xcountry skiing on Patrick's 35th bday

Cy and his cousin Henry at Christmas

Cy with two huge lions behind him at the zoo.

The gang at the zoo. We were lucky that Brandon, Megan and Ada came to meet us there -- they are expecting their second baby any day now!

Snowy camel

walking through the zoo with dad and grandma

stuffin a 50 spot in his pocket (don't worry - it's already in his savings account!)

runaway toddler at Wirth Park in Brookfield

xcountry skiing at Wirth. Cy is in that sled that's hooked to my waist! Best best best invention ever! The only way we can still ski this winter -- without a babysitter!

Lunch with great-grandpa Cy in Milwaukee

A whole week off of work for Patrick brought lots of adventures for our little family. We just got in to Mpls tonight... We had such a great time this week!! Here are some more of my favorite pictures from our week!