Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving weekend in pics

Cy hamming it up at the Emmer's house on Thanksgiving day

going in for a game of "stinky feet" with grandpa (cy's favorite game!)

Chillin with the dudes (Grandpa Jim, Uncle Drew & Dad) watching the pack.

meanwhile Tim & Grandma Nan ("Nana") were working on the turkey..

After the meal Patrick & I crashed on the couch while Nana took Cy over to the park.

A few short hours later (like 8) we were up at the cabin, ready to begin the weekend up there! This is a pics of our cousins (Jeff, Sarah, Jacob & Joseph.) They stay in the grey cabin in the background. Funny story. One of the twins (I think Jacob) used to live in his #4 Green Bay jersey. He literally would wear it for a week straight. A little while ago they were at a store in Milwaukee (where they live) and an "old man" came up to him and told him he was wearing a traitor's jersey and that he shouldn't wear it. Since then it has hung in his closet untouched.

Grandma & Grandpa C had Cy's playroom all set up with a new kitchen and lots of play food. He begged to go down there all weekend long.

Dogs everywhere up there! This is Cody chasing Abby.

Jackson chillin' near the cabin. He didn't stray too far thanks to that invisible fence collar he had on all weekend!

Cy spent a lot of time exploring the great outdoors.

And we spent a lot of time chasing him!

Future Outward Bound candidate.
So we took our "little angel" over to Great-Grandpa (GG) Cy's cabin on Friday morning for the traditional breakfast & we asked little Cy to show GG Cy how he can now say "clock." Well, he said it allright. And GG Cy said "Why do you know that word? You don't need to know that word. No one uses it anymore!" And in my (slow) brain I was like, "hmmm.. maybe we don't really use the word clock anymore..." and laughed. Later (like a whole day) Uncle Jim mentioned how that was so funny & how GG Cy was actually thinking little Cy was saying "Clock" without the "L!!!!"

With Grandma, Grandpa, Jessie and Marley

Obligatory family shot. Nice shoes Emmer.

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