Thursday, December 17, 2009


To our two most loyal readers: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Look forward to seeing you both soon!!!

Alexis, Hailey and Cy at the State Theater getting ready for the ballet.

Cy and I with the ballet dancers warming up behind us.

At the Macys holiday display today.

Toasting with Annie at Macy's Oak Grill during our annual "Christmas Outing Day."

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! I am not sure what I wrote last week... but let's just say that we have been doing jam-packed holiday activities for the past few weeks. I think Cy & I have been downtown at least 4 times! We went to the Macy's holiday exhibit twice! (Once today!) We went to the Holidazzle parade with Katie last Sat night - it was coooold! Today we went with Julie, Alexis and Hailey to the Nutcracker Fantasy at the State Theater. Cy's first theater outing. He did pretty good! It was especially helpful that we ran into my friend Coryn and her two little girls there... they sat on the end so Cy was blocked into his seat and surrounded by young cute girls. He wasn't too interested in the ballet though. He was really into eating his goldfish (what's new!?) I think this year the holiday activities have been so fun because it keeps Cy busy with all NEW and exciting things he hasn't ever seen before.

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