Wednesday, November 11, 2009

boy you kids sure get around

For Cy's half birthday we gave him an Ipod Touch
just kidding! but he does love listening to Bob Dylan on it. Just like mama and dada!

We did give him a frosted chocolate brownie to celebrate making it to 1 1/2!!

He put his teddy & dollie into the chairs. I think they were hungry. He would not let go of the balloon all day!

Visiting Stevie and his new baby.

Visting Annie's new home

Annie & I out after Adrienne's open house.

"Boy you kids sure get around!" That's one of my dad's fav sayings and this week it's true! We went as a family to Adrienne's pilates studio open house on Saturday night. Cy tested out the equipment and the sweets and cheeses. On Sunday we visited both Godparents. Annie has a new beautiful home. We are in love with it. Cy ran around and tried to break things. Then we went on to see Cy's Godfather Stevie who has a brand spanking new baby named Addison. Cute little thing. In a few short hours Cy is getting picked up by his grandmother to spend the night (and all day tomorrow) with them. Patrick & I are going to celebrate my friend Christie's birthday with her & her hubby by going to the Timberwolves game. Courtside seats yo! So, be a good boy little Cy so mama & dada can "get around" more often!!!

And Jens, I have no idea what I was for halloween. I had that jumpsuit thingy in my closet and just went with it. I felt very 70's!! Don't ask me why it was in my closet.....

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Jennifer said...

Ok, that iPod comment really freaked me out! When I first read it I yelled out loud "Say what?!"
Good one Jill!

BTW, I thought your costume was some sort of disco Raggedy Ann.