Friday, November 6, 2009

And into November we go!!!

Cy's new AUS (Area Under the Stairs)

The football player and the cheerleader

Halloween. Grown up time!

Cy waiting for his Halloween cookies to finish baking...
Hello there fellow online friends. It is a beautiful day in Mpls today. And we are making the most of it. We took a little jog around Calhoun this morning and then cruised right into uptown for a fun little stroll (coffee in hand.) Last weekend was a total and complete riot. I cannot imagine having another weekend that could possibly be more fun. Last Friday Cy & I went to the zoo with our friends Molly & Campbell. Then my parents came to town and we had a carbo-load dinner at AMore Victoria (we love that place!) Saturday, Halloween, started off with the Monster Dash half marathon - in which Christie and I kicked ass. There was a huge array of wild costumes and the weather was fairly nice and there was so much excitement in the air that it just made for a great day! And then that night Patrick & I went to a wild Halloween house party while my mom and dad babysat. We might not have stayed up too late (like midnight!?) but we sure had fun while we were there. I remember looking around at the circle of people dancing with me in the living room and just cracking up. It was such a hodgepodge of hilarious characters! What a sight!
Daylight savings and the arrival of 4 teeth have given us a cranky toddler this week. Today he finally slept in and is back to his old self!
Oh - and I spent this whole week converting the first floor of our condo into Cy's wonderland play area. Got a huge dresser and filled it with arts and crafts and toys. Set up a kitchen/reading area under our stairs. Gearing up for winter I guess!!

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Jennifer said...

Jill, what are you dressed up as? I can't tell!