Monday, October 12, 2009

jack... n jill...

you know.. i was thinking of not writing anything for a while till things around here start getting better... but now i realize that this is called "" and it doesn't always have to be rosy. We've had a helluva past couple weeks. A few crazy things I will maybe write about later... and a sudden and very very sad passing of a family member. Uncle Jack. I'm too sad to write too much about him but to say that I loved him -- heck, EVERYONE -- loved him very very much. And he will be missed so much! Rest in peace Uncle Jack.
Tomorrow Cy & I travel to Milwaukee. Jackson is already on his way as I write this. We will be in Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago the next couple of weeks. Time to see old friends and family! We will be back on the site soon! Until then, God Bless!!

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