Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hello friends!

LOOKOUT! There's a bear loose in Brookfield!!!

Pumpkin farm with Grandma

Making a mess in our Chicago hotel room.

Playing with Alexis and Hailey in Chicago (move back to MN girls!!)

HI! We are back in Mpls after a two week sojourn in the great cheese state. We had a great time down there. We saw a lot of old friends... (hi Megan & Ada!) We went down to Chicago and visited Daddy while he was working down there for the week. We connected with friends there too. The one downfall was that we missed our planned adventure to visit the Shedd Aquarium with Joanna because we had a flat tire that morning! Major bummer... hopefully we can try for it over Christmas!
I threw my friend Pam a baby shower. It was great (if I do say so myself!) She was even able to have a glass of wine because she had her baby the week earlier! Whoops! I met him too! Little Philip -- sooo sweet!
That next day Patrick & I went to the Wisco Badger Homecoming game. Total riot even though they lost! Weather could not have been better!
Uncle Jack's memorial was so nice. He had friends, colleagues and family speak for him. Lots of great stories that make you realize what a heck of a guy he was. Sooo gentle and kind. It was a sad sad day but it was great to see family. We even got to see Cy's cousins who flew all the way from Greece for the memorial... and "auntie" jens flew in from Whidbey Island, WA -- she is "cooking" a new friend for Cy right now!
I spent a lot of time running (free - with no jogging stroller!) because I am just wrapping up training for a 1/2 marathon which is this Saturday. Halloween! I am going to be a Wisconsin Badger football player as I run. It's supposed to be very cold and maybe snowy so some of my costume might be covered up a bit! But, I have been training for this thing FOREVER - all summer -- and I am really looking forward to it! I can't believe it is finally here! I am a little nervous... don't ask me why.. my wisco running partner Deanna and I ran two 11 milers in Brookfield the past two weeks.. but I am scared of not finishing... No matter what - it is going to be a tough challenge & I look forward to trying my best!! And then eating the world's largest meal!!
Cy absolutely TORE apart my parents house. On the go. All the time. He especially liked that the cabinets weren't locked... so he could terrify us all by going for the crystal glasses. Little stinker. He is into climbing now. He can climb up onto our dining room chairs and then right onto the table. Should be a heck of a winter!! He also loved to torment our dogs. Pull their tails. Corner them & then "snuggle." My mom, the ex-Kindergarten teacher, had to pull tons of stuff out of her old teaching closet to keep him entertained. Wish I had that closet up here!
Anyways, it's great to be back!!! We missed Minnesota!!

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