Friday, September 11, 2009

pics from our trip

Cy helped Grandpa install the bike seat on the old bike

Jackson spent hours in the water

Curt's dog Max got thrown in quite a bit!

Not a single boat on the water during the week!

Patrick & I left Cy at the cabin & drove through the U.P. to a town called Harbor Springs, MI (near Mackinack Island) for a wedding over Labor Day

The beaches were sugary and white, looking over Lake Michigan. Colin and Carolyn made a beautiful couple...

here's a link to all the pics from the wedding. It was sooo much fun and soooo pretty!

The bridge from MI to the U.P.

Back in time for family dinner at Grandpa Cy's cabin!

This kid is always busy!

Playing with Grandma in sand at the dome. This was the night of Jack & Carol's wine & cheese party. Really fun... but probably not a good idea to do the night before a 5 hour drive alone with a kid and a dog! ouch!

Watching the last sunset before returning home....

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