Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Groove Named Fun

At the zoo with the Devines.

Grandpa reading us a story

Grandpa blowing out his birthday candles

Cy playing with Uncle Timmy's two new kitties

Grandma making the monkey laugh. We are sooo lucky to have such great babysitters!

Cy n Dada at the Loft's party

Dirty lil kid

Cy with Campbell and Molly at the pool

Cy climbing the fence (note the sign!)

The lovely birthday girl with her free HUGE margarita! Happy bday Katie!!

you know... I was thinking as I was driving by the lakes today that we are having a truly awesome summer! We are in a groove. A groove named Fun, that is. It seems like every day we are going on some new adventure... and that there is so much to do! Cy is so active now. He hates to sit around.. he hates to be in the house too long. In the mornings he goes over to the stroller and starts banging on it saying that it is time for our morning run! He loves it! We go around the lakes almost every day.

In the afternoons we usually meet up with friends and do something. The other great thing about this summer is that Patrick and I have had some "time off." Last weekend Cy went to Grandpa and Grandma Emmers' house for an overnight as I stayed in Uptown & went out with the girls to celebrate Katie's birthday. Patrick was in Lake Geneva golfing. This weekend I am going with Annie on a wilderness canoe adventure! We get dropped into the river on Friday & picked up on Sunday. I have been looking forward to this all summer! So excited!

This past week we went to the zoo, went to a local pool, went to lots of parks, went to some friend's houses to play... when you have a kid that is this active it seems the action never ceases! We do soooo much in the day that I can barely keep my eyes open after we put Cy down!

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