Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling sorta purple

Madeline Island trip.

we didn't have a kitchen so Cy ate out on the deck

private beach!

and private pier! that was a great trip!

cy n harlowe at the edina pool

edina pool

patrick hitting some whitewater in northern wisco near my cabin (over the 4th)

oh what a day. actually, the day was quite nice. good weather 'n all. we had a nice lunch with my friend Nora who is due with her first in a mere two weeks now! but then the awful news about #4 moving to MN came out... and everything just turned sorta purple. To top that off my camera is MIA. I'm pretty sure some busy toddler hands got a hold of it and stashed it somewhere. I'm just hoping he didn't put it in a garbage can or take it out of my bag on some outing. So.. I am photoless for now (awful tragedy since Adrienne's wedding is on Sat!) But don't you fret little grandma's: I have been occasionally using some disposable cameras this summer & I took them into walgreens.. so the pictures you see above are all from disposable cameras from throughout the summer.

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