Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello mid summer

Sunday afternoon, we were kicked out of our place for a showing... so we went to the farmer/craft market that was not even half a block from our house!
Me & my ladies at Beyonce! Yup. We saw Beyonce. She was terrific and it was one of the most fun nights of the summer!

Miss Adrienne racking in the the gifts at her bridal shower last Friday night. She's getting married in August. Gma & Gpa E are babysitting the monkey!

Not much new to report except that I think our little monkey might be getting some new teefers. The big ones too! Not that the front ones aren't "big," (because, trust me, they are B-I-G! like mama and dada's!) but I am talking about the big ones towards the back. He's been sleeping sorta fitfully lately.
Other than that we are just enjoying summer. We went last night to Patrick's softball game & Cy watched most of it. He stood up at the fence behind home plate and literally watched the game. He got high fives from the team as they came back to their dug out and he liked to play with their bats. He even chose which bat daddy was going to use!
Cy has been sitting nicely for me in the stroller as we jog in the mornings. Today we did about 4 miles -- in a lovely route that ended with a steaming caramel latte at starbucks (Cy got a biscuit!) It is good practice because on Saturday Cy is participating in his first 5k! We are running in the "Heart of the Summer 5k" which goes around Lake Nakomis. Patrick and I are running with two other friends -- one of which will be pushing an identical jog stroller with his babe in it! Then we are going to make up for lost calories with a "blues" brunch at Famous Dave's. Weather better be good!

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