Thursday, July 30, 2009

out n about in uptown

Cy n mommy about to run the 5k
Our other 5k companions.

Cy & daddy watching a wakeboarding demo set up on the streets in Uptown.

Cruising with his balloon at Lake Harriet
bandshell baby
matching outfits

men in black

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello mid summer

Sunday afternoon, we were kicked out of our place for a showing... so we went to the farmer/craft market that was not even half a block from our house!
Me & my ladies at Beyonce! Yup. We saw Beyonce. She was terrific and it was one of the most fun nights of the summer!

Miss Adrienne racking in the the gifts at her bridal shower last Friday night. She's getting married in August. Gma & Gpa E are babysitting the monkey!

Not much new to report except that I think our little monkey might be getting some new teefers. The big ones too! Not that the front ones aren't "big," (because, trust me, they are B-I-G! like mama and dada's!) but I am talking about the big ones towards the back. He's been sleeping sorta fitfully lately.
Other than that we are just enjoying summer. We went last night to Patrick's softball game & Cy watched most of it. He stood up at the fence behind home plate and literally watched the game. He got high fives from the team as they came back to their dug out and he liked to play with their bats. He even chose which bat daddy was going to use!
Cy has been sitting nicely for me in the stroller as we jog in the mornings. Today we did about 4 miles -- in a lovely route that ended with a steaming caramel latte at starbucks (Cy got a biscuit!) It is good practice because on Saturday Cy is participating in his first 5k! We are running in the "Heart of the Summer 5k" which goes around Lake Nakomis. Patrick and I are running with two other friends -- one of which will be pushing an identical jog stroller with his babe in it! Then we are going to make up for lost calories with a "blues" brunch at Famous Dave's. Weather better be good!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

photo shoot today...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back a week already!

Sorta a whirlwind week we had! We've had 4 showings in the past week! Cy & I went to our first music class at a different location last week. It was allright but I am looking forward to the old one starting back up in the fall. This one appears (so far) to be a little too intense for us. The teacher shhh'd Cy for talking once! (The kid can't even talk yet!) And another kid had to leave the room for "acting up" (he was wondering around while some music was playing. Ouch!) I think this is the kind of music class that wants prodigies or something. The other class encourages foul, silly behavior (ok, not "foul" but "free!")
Cy also had quite the week of swimming: swim class last Thurs with Daddy, Edina pool with Coryn & Harlowe on Friday, our friend Daniel's pool with Daddy & Daniel's son on Saturday and yesterday we went with Anne & Soren to the Saint Louis Park pool! The kid digs water, what can I say!?
Speaking of liquid. Last Tuesday was the offical close of the "Breastaurant!!!!" Hip hip hurray! Cy didn't seem to notice. He was only down to one feeding. In fact, I had tried to close the dang shop a month earlier but that ear infection deemed some comfort necessary. So, one week ago I closed up shop. like I said, the kid didn't notice... but I sure did! Ouch!! Still hurts today! I buried my b-pump in the basement not to be tempted to use it for relief... and lately I have been fantasizing about running down there and sneaking a quick "pump" but I know that just prolongs the inevitable. All I can say is that I admire moms everywhere for going through all of this!
That said, we've also been seeing a lot of old friends! Today we just got back from coffee with Kat & Camille. Tomorrow we hit up a "Little Gym" class as Anne & Danny's guests and then we visit Nora for lunch!
This weekend should be fun for Cy too. He is spending the day on Saturday at Grandma's house while Daddy golfs with Grandpa. Not sure what I will be doing, but I am sure it will be heavenly!
At the request of Grandma, here are the links to ALL the pics from the cabin...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

our epic journey

I took this picture within minutes of arriving home in Mpls. Cy immediately ran to his toy chest to visit his old "friends"
Monkey, you HAVE to wear your life preserver on the boat rides!!

Fun Uncle Mike chillin in the baby pool

Great grandpa Cy kickin' it Crooked Lake style

Cousin Jens and Uncle Jimmy

Fam pic

Marley getting double love

Jackson taking a little nap on Cy's puppy

Cy and Henry busy playing

Cy eating birthday cake. Grandpa was really cracking up in the background.

Grandpa Cy looking at his "98" candles!

4th of July

Dirty busy little baby

Proud grandparents
Cy was confused for a while -- which one is grandma?

Fun Uncle Mike playing with all the kids on the dock

Hanging outside of our cabin.. before another huge dinner.

Cy having cheese and crackers with his cousins at the dome.

Cousin Kara and I with our babes

Cy getting dirty

Constantly on the go!

With mama on the porch swing

The twins! Cousins Jacob & Joseph
All the kids playing in the "sandbox" (which is actually a horseshoe pit!)

Eatin' . Always eatin'

I love this pic! We all went out to a nice dinner one night. Cy flirted hard with a 2 yr old little fox a few tables away. She was charmed til she came over to visit and saw that he still eats with his hands and smears food all over his face.

Boat ride

With Mike and Curt

Made Grandma read this book twice in a row.
Like I said, always on the go!

Wearing his favorite tee shirt, playing with Marley

Hi. We are back from our epic journey! Three weeks in Wisco. A week and a half in Brookfield and a week and a half at the cottage. Patrick came up for a whole week of vacation at the cottage. It was great! For many days the weather was not warm enough to swim.. but we had fun anyways. We spent lots of time with all of our cousins from all over the states. The two white-haired little blondies (Megan and Eleanor) came to spend a week before moving to Greece for three years. Megan still calls Cy her "special little baby." We took trips with Cy to a little town nearby & got lattes. We went kayaking down a whitewater river called the Peshtigo (grandma & grandpa watched Cy.) We played with Cy in his kiddie pool... Mostly though we were very food focused.. talking about food - what we were eating that night, where we were eating that night (there are 4 cottages up there between our family) and of course, doing the actual eating. Jumbo shrimp cocktails, a cheese and cracker mountain, beef tenderloins, pork tenderloins, ribs, slovenian sausage, a 15 lb turkey on the grill, Mexican night, dozens of homemade salads, pies, cakes, ice cream. We ate like kings!
Cy is up and walking around now. He pretty much doesn't crawl anymore. He has started giving hugs which is the cutest thing ever. He gives Jackson a hug, his stuffed puppy hugs, and of course mommy and daddy get hugs. He also LOVES getting dirty!! He also is staring to show that he understands what we are saying. We say "give daddy a book" and he will go grab a book and bring it to daddy! Uncle Mike taught him to pick his nose on command which he found very entertaining (ok, we did too!)