Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sick kid

HI from sick bay central. I am going a little stir crazy here... there is only so much you can surf on the 'net, read, etc.
On Sunday I got home from a FANTABULOUS girls weekend at a rockin' spa (check it out - you MUST go sometime!) to be greeted by a sick kid who proceeded to get more & more sick each day. He is now on antibiotics after a last-minute trip to the doc last night. Double ear, throat infection. Fever. He is so listless. I told Patrick that he is acting like a 'normal' baby now instead of his hyper, talkative self. He even sits for books to be read, snuggles. Strange. Stranger yet, I want my spazz back! In the meantime, can someone please get me out of this condo!!???! I am starting to get a little cooped up!! ahhh!!

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