Monday, June 1, 2009

More cabin pics

Cy's first haircut. Alas, it was time to get rid of his pocket-sized mullet.
One Shoe Cy (his new nickname) found the t.p....

Clearly Cy was just as upset as Grandma & I that Grandpa was leaving for a week stint in Canada...

Cy & Jackson being big helpers in cleaning out the fridge.

Oh what an experience. His first cheese curd!! Here he is enjoying a fry, watching the group of 12 or so little old ladies in embroidered flower sweatshirts playing bridge in the bar on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

Annual family shot.

Hi! Here are some pics from our 10-day stint at the cabin. It was quite nice! Now we are back for a few days & then off on a family trip to our friend Beau's cabin! Gotta love summer... always on the go!

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