Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people in the world....

MY DAD! Ha - you thought I was going to say me -- right? It is both our birthdays! Happy bday Dad! Hope you are catching the BIG one in Canada.

What a great day so far! The weather is perfecto. Patrick took the morning shift (which starts these days at 5:30am!) and I got to sleep in. I awoke to a steamy hot Starbucks & coffee cake delivery. Heaven! Then I went on a run (all by myself! no jogging stroller, no dog who wants to stop and pee every 5 secs!) and then we all went to swim lessons. Cy absolutely loved that Daddy was there watching. He hardly paid attention to the class bcse he kept looking over and smiling at Dad.

Laugh all you want but I can honestly say that I had a little lump in my throat because today was the last day. Looking at all the babies & seeing how much they've grown since Jan is pretty crazy. When we started this class Cy was toothless and couldn't even crawl yet! I'll miss going to swim each week but it is time to pass the baton to Daddy. Starting next week he is going to take Cy to swim once a week in the evenings and I will get a night off! I think I might start taking an exercise class... yoga or something. Anyways, Cy and I will still see some of our friends from swim -- when we go on walks with them and other adventures.

Tonight Grandma Nan is coming over to babysit and Patrick and I are going out to dinner. A place called Cue in the new Guthrie... yum! hmm... maybe I'll even wear a dress. And, when we said goodbye after swim, Patrick said he'd give me my present tonight. Seriously, I can't imagine a better present than the nice things he's done already today. This day just keeps getting better and better!

ps: to my 5 readers of the blog -- thank you for your emails & phone calls today! It is so nice!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Chewy (one more time),
I feel proud to say I'm the 6th reader. I wanted you to know so you keep writing. I read it when we first connected and forgot about the site. I love it and the stories. Gee Whiz I still have memories of our childhood. Crazy stuff and keep writing...I love it. Remember if you ever find you and the family in San Francisco - there are 2 family-friendly, comfy spare bedrooms and set of house keys, at your disposal - we would welcome you guys with open arms and cold brews :) Fassee

Unknown said...

PS that is Jonathan's account (my main squeeze for the last 10 years) I don't have one. Fassee