Tuesday, June 9, 2009

close to walking and cabin' weekend

Helping mommy clean out the cooler

Kylie & Liam.

Chicken coup

Cy rubbing sweet Kieran's head like a doggie.

Christie about to give us a tour in the super fun Ranger!

I thought I was halloucinating, but no, those are llamas!

If this wine barrel sauna looks small, just imagine 3 'bigger' sized semi-NAKED dudes in it!

The basement of the main house looked just like the St Paul Children's museum. Here, Beau watches his favorite friend the koala give a show.

4 happy little babies hanging out on the real zebra rug! Liam, Cy, Kylie & Kieran

Chillin at the main house (called the "chicken coup") for a glass of wine with Mr F.

The gang about to eat a very nice dinner! All of us were wearing baby monitors. We waited to eat til they were all down.

The host & hostess.

Patrick at 6am or so just chillin with Cy and Kylie.

Baby olympics in the lap pool!!
Whoa is Cy close to walking! Or, I guess I could say "He walks!!" He is just starting to use it as a mode of transport. He went all the way across the length of the condo several times in the past few days! Super wobbly... but on his way!
I don't even know how to describe this past weekend. We were invited to our friend's "cabin" and when we got there we saw it was so much more than a cabin! It is a 'villa!' It is called Villa Vino. A whole little village on 80 acres with it's own pond, 9 miles of trails, and lots of really nice buildings. We stayed in the guest cabin with 3 other couples and their one year olds. So with Cy included there were 4 babies! Liam, Kieran, Kylie and Cy. The three boys were all born within 4 days of one-another! Crazy coincidence! And little Kylie, the only girl, was two months younger but definitely held her own!
The people were all great & we had an absolute blast. The host/hostess family is in the liquor/wine biz & so we spent the weekend having a lot of great wine and awesome food. They were soooo generous and such great, fun hosts! They even gave everyone a gift as we left - a monogramed "Villa Vino" bag with a custom made bottle of wine & wine opener! So nice!
I think the best part was the fits of giggles we shared late at night and the late night jaccuzi soaks... but a close second was waking up at 6am, slightly foggy and sharing baby duty with 6 other slightly foggy parents. It was fun to all be in the same boat! Oh man, I am going to need a vacation from all these vacations! I'm pooped!

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