Thursday, June 25, 2009

hello from Wisco!!

Today in Chicago with Julie, Alexis and Hailey.
The monkey in his monkey pj's.

Cy tired out grandpa! He was snoring! That man can sleep anywhere!

Mike & I at the game. Brewers lost to the Twins.

Another day in the kiddie pool. Don't worry Daddy -- he was in the shade!

Cy & Colin at my friend Matt's house. They had Cy & I over for dinner.

Matt with his son Charlie & Cy.
Cy goin' fishin!

Joanna & I on our ladies weekend get-away.. you must try Sundara at the Dells! (This pic is from a few weekends ago)

My b-day dinner with the MN girls. Sushi! You guys are the best! (This pic is also from a little while ago!)

Hey there! We are wrapping up our time here in Milwaukee. Tomorrow we head up north to our cottage to celebrate the 4th! We have been having a super fun week. Had a great Wisco fish fry. Patrick & I went to a concert at Alpine Valley. Cy & I have been jogging around the lake at the local park every morning. I visited my friend Pam in Madison - who is expecting a new friend for Cy in November! My brother and I went to the Brewers vs Twins & we got to sit in our Grandpa Cy's seats -- front row! Today Cy & I went down to Chicago to see our friend Julie & her girls! It has been really really fun. Tonight we are packing up & getting ready to cruise to the cottage. My brother Mike is riding along with Cy & I. You won't be hearing from us until after the 4th -- so Happy 4th!!! God Bless America! ;) (they play that song in the floatilla every year. can't wait!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sick kid

HI from sick bay central. I am going a little stir crazy here... there is only so much you can surf on the 'net, read, etc.
On Sunday I got home from a FANTABULOUS girls weekend at a rockin' spa (check it out - you MUST go sometime!) to be greeted by a sick kid who proceeded to get more & more sick each day. He is now on antibiotics after a last-minute trip to the doc last night. Double ear, throat infection. Fever. He is so listless. I told Patrick that he is acting like a 'normal' baby now instead of his hyper, talkative self. He even sits for books to be read, snuggles. Strange. Stranger yet, I want my spazz back! In the meantime, can someone please get me out of this condo!!???! I am starting to get a little cooped up!! ahhh!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some vids

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is why

I try to keep pics on this site fairly tame!!
Crazy story! Can you imagine? Yeesh!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

close to walking and cabin' weekend

Helping mommy clean out the cooler

Kylie & Liam.

Chicken coup

Cy rubbing sweet Kieran's head like a doggie.

Christie about to give us a tour in the super fun Ranger!

I thought I was halloucinating, but no, those are llamas!

If this wine barrel sauna looks small, just imagine 3 'bigger' sized semi-NAKED dudes in it!

The basement of the main house looked just like the St Paul Children's museum. Here, Beau watches his favorite friend the koala give a show.

4 happy little babies hanging out on the real zebra rug! Liam, Cy, Kylie & Kieran

Chillin at the main house (called the "chicken coup") for a glass of wine with Mr F.

The gang about to eat a very nice dinner! All of us were wearing baby monitors. We waited to eat til they were all down.

The host & hostess.

Patrick at 6am or so just chillin with Cy and Kylie.

Baby olympics in the lap pool!!
Whoa is Cy close to walking! Or, I guess I could say "He walks!!" He is just starting to use it as a mode of transport. He went all the way across the length of the condo several times in the past few days! Super wobbly... but on his way!
I don't even know how to describe this past weekend. We were invited to our friend's "cabin" and when we got there we saw it was so much more than a cabin! It is a 'villa!' It is called Villa Vino. A whole little village on 80 acres with it's own pond, 9 miles of trails, and lots of really nice buildings. We stayed in the guest cabin with 3 other couples and their one year olds. So with Cy included there were 4 babies! Liam, Kieran, Kylie and Cy. The three boys were all born within 4 days of one-another! Crazy coincidence! And little Kylie, the only girl, was two months younger but definitely held her own!
The people were all great & we had an absolute blast. The host/hostess family is in the liquor/wine biz & so we spent the weekend having a lot of great wine and awesome food. They were soooo generous and such great, fun hosts! They even gave everyone a gift as we left - a monogramed "Villa Vino" bag with a custom made bottle of wine & wine opener! So nice!
I think the best part was the fits of giggles we shared late at night and the late night jaccuzi soaks... but a close second was waking up at 6am, slightly foggy and sharing baby duty with 6 other slightly foggy parents. It was fun to all be in the same boat! Oh man, I am going to need a vacation from all these vacations! I'm pooped!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people in the world....

MY DAD! Ha - you thought I was going to say me -- right? It is both our birthdays! Happy bday Dad! Hope you are catching the BIG one in Canada.

What a great day so far! The weather is perfecto. Patrick took the morning shift (which starts these days at 5:30am!) and I got to sleep in. I awoke to a steamy hot Starbucks & coffee cake delivery. Heaven! Then I went on a run (all by myself! no jogging stroller, no dog who wants to stop and pee every 5 secs!) and then we all went to swim lessons. Cy absolutely loved that Daddy was there watching. He hardly paid attention to the class bcse he kept looking over and smiling at Dad.

Laugh all you want but I can honestly say that I had a little lump in my throat because today was the last day. Looking at all the babies & seeing how much they've grown since Jan is pretty crazy. When we started this class Cy was toothless and couldn't even crawl yet! I'll miss going to swim each week but it is time to pass the baton to Daddy. Starting next week he is going to take Cy to swim once a week in the evenings and I will get a night off! I think I might start taking an exercise class... yoga or something. Anyways, Cy and I will still see some of our friends from swim -- when we go on walks with them and other adventures.

Tonight Grandma Nan is coming over to babysit and Patrick and I are going out to dinner. A place called Cue in the new Guthrie... yum! hmm... maybe I'll even wear a dress. And, when we said goodbye after swim, Patrick said he'd give me my present tonight. Seriously, I can't imagine a better present than the nice things he's done already today. This day just keeps getting better and better!

ps: to my 5 readers of the blog -- thank you for your emails & phone calls today! It is so nice!

Monday, June 1, 2009

More cabin pics

Cy's first haircut. Alas, it was time to get rid of his pocket-sized mullet.
One Shoe Cy (his new nickname) found the t.p....

Clearly Cy was just as upset as Grandma & I that Grandpa was leaving for a week stint in Canada...

Cy & Jackson being big helpers in cleaning out the fridge.

Oh what an experience. His first cheese curd!! Here he is enjoying a fry, watching the group of 12 or so little old ladies in embroidered flower sweatshirts playing bridge in the bar on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

Annual family shot.

Hi! Here are some pics from our 10-day stint at the cabin. It was quite nice! Now we are back for a few days & then off on a family trip to our friend Beau's cabin! Gotta love summer... always on the go!