Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cabin Weekend

On the way up north we stopped at Jono Imhoff's to meet his girlfriend Biancha and to catch our only chanc eto see Jono before he heads off to Jackson Hole. We had fun hanging in his back yard with his parents and Biancha's dad who was in town visiting from South America...Cy may have picked up some Spanish!
Cy took a break from the sun to enjoy some peas with his mom as Jackson looked on intently for his opportunity to capture any peas that fell.

Here Cy is sporting his "sun suit" which protects his extremely fair skin (thanks alot dad!) as he considers another jump into his pool.

Cy could not wait to get into his pool so he climbed in with his jeans and shoes on before we had the chance to change him into his swim suit...he surely had no fear of the water, and did not seem to mind how cold it was! Mommy likes to make Cy look like a punk rocker when his hair is greasy with sun block. Cy seems to like it too. Here he sits before lunch at his seat with a nice view of the back woods.

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