Sunday, May 31, 2009

declaration of intention

Dear deep fried cheese curds, Cedar Crest ice cream, cheese and crackers, fish fry's, deep fried, stuffed shrimp, s'mores, tenderloin sandwiches, unnecessary Miller Lites and, of course, grandpa's greasy breakfast's, I hearby declare my intention to not consume ANY of you again for a LOOONG time.

Just got back a few hours ago (Patrick posted those pics last week) and my jeans are all so very very tight!

more pics to come.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cabin Weekend

On the way up north we stopped at Jono Imhoff's to meet his girlfriend Biancha and to catch our only chanc eto see Jono before he heads off to Jackson Hole. We had fun hanging in his back yard with his parents and Biancha's dad who was in town visiting from South America...Cy may have picked up some Spanish!
Cy took a break from the sun to enjoy some peas with his mom as Jackson looked on intently for his opportunity to capture any peas that fell.

Here Cy is sporting his "sun suit" which protects his extremely fair skin (thanks alot dad!) as he considers another jump into his pool.

Cy could not wait to get into his pool so he climbed in with his jeans and shoes on before we had the chance to change him into his swim suit...he surely had no fear of the water, and did not seem to mind how cold it was! Mommy likes to make Cy look like a punk rocker when his hair is greasy with sun block. Cy seems to like it too. Here he sits before lunch at his seat with a nice view of the back woods.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Cy in his new shoes he got from Grandma for his bday.
The last day of music class. Grandma & Grandpa C came with!
On a walk with Grandma and Grandpa. Insisted on bringing that huge #1 gold balloon along.
Emmer family pic at Mother's Day brunch

Cy and mama at Mother's Day brunch

Mother's Day

The grandmas fed him EVERYTHING at brunch - muffins, cake , etc! Spoiled little baby!

On his first birthday

waiting for grandma and grandpa to show up on his first birthday!

Our great friend Ben.

This past week was one of the hardest emotionally on Patrick & I that we have had in a looong time. A week ago today he found out that our beloved friend Ben had passed away, tragically and suddenly. So we went into a weekend planned with events for Cy's actual birthday & Mother's Day with heavy heavy hearts. My parents were in town to celebrate. And while we did celebrate with them, it was so great to have them up here to give Cy the attention & energy he deserved as we mourned with our friends.

Cy had a wonderful birthday and I had a great Mother's Day. The following day was the wake and on Tuesday we had the funeral. I feel like I am still recovering from everything. Not a lot of energy these past few days... at this point I am looking forward to going up to the cabin for a long week of peace and quiet. We leave a week from tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a cake video

cy eating cake at his first bday party on may 2nd.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


To our darling sweet (and sometimes devilish) baby boy: Happy first birthday!! It has been a year filled with a lot of laughs, wonderful moments and little sleep! You constantly amuse us with your wonder and "inside" jokes. We adore you. We love you. Now let's go have some fun today!!! Love, Mom & Dad

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cy's First Birthday Party

Annie, Kaha & I at a local establishment long after all the kiddies went to bed.
Erik (Pyle) enjoying the weather.

Checking out the courtyard fountain.

Front yard activites.

Mandy & Cooper. Cooper is going to be a big brother in October!

The moms (Ellen, Susan & Coryn) looking on.

Bea, the life of the party! Most of the time she was there she was running around carrying her cupcake tucked into her arm like a football.

Melissa (in black) already past her due date - still came!! Any day now Cy will have another little friend.

Patrick & Ian (Harlowe's dad) seemed close to the keg for a lot of the party...

Nothing was stopping him!

Discovering the taste of chocolate for the first time!

And the feast begins! Notice the plastic underneath the high chair!

Daddy & Selena helping Cy blow out his first candle.

Cy playing with his guests.

Cy sharing his toys with Harlowe & Camille

Harlowe was our very first guest of the day!

The "sugar" table before the guests arrived.

Cy's party was this past Saturday & it was a blast! We ended up having somewhere btwn 50-70 people there. We went through about 70 hot dogs/brats, 25 twinkies, 20 nutty bars, 30 cupcakes, tons of chips, a barrel of beer and a box of wine!! Good times for both parents & kids!

The highlight was Cy eating cake for the first time. We bought him his very own 5 inch round chocolate cake. About an hour or two into the party everyone that was there gathered around & sang "Happy Birthday" to Cy as he sat in his high chair. His friend Selena helped him blow out his candle & then he tore into the cake. He did not make a peep as he shoveled fistful after fistful into his mouth. Occasionally he'd slowly caress the frosting with his finger tips and then grab another handful. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time! I caught a bit of it on video that I will put up.

He had a great time playing with all the different kids that were over. There were probably 15 kids or so! And then at 7pm we fed him one last time and sent him on to Grandma & Grandpa's house & the adults continued the party for the night! I am still tired from the festivities and our house still smells like sauerkraut! Fun fun!

This Friday my parents are coming up from Milwaukee & we will celebrate Cy's actual first birthday (May 9th) and Mother's Day together. I am hoping for good weather!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready for his party!