Friday, April 10, 2009

11 months old

Como Park. His hands were covered in tar after playing with this pine cone!

Cy and Parker at Como Park

Cy and Jackson at Lake of the Isles

Cy tearing into all of our drawers. Daddy, you better get some locks on those!

Yesterday Cy crossed into the 11 month of his life. Wow. It's chugging along pretty quickly. Especially now that the weather is nice and we are spending a lot of time outside. The weeks are flying by! This week included a walk every single day... most of the days around a lake.. today we walked Como Park & went to the zoo with Jen & 6 month old Parker. We totally spaced out that is Good Friday and the place was packed! Didn't make a bit of difference though - we just strolled (wow this verb has a whole new meaning now that we are moms with strollers!) through the zoo & then headed out to some trails in the park. It is perfect out today! I am going to go enjoy the rest of "nap" time with a book out on the patio! Sometimes I think about bringing a little glass of wine or a beer out there too - especially when the weather is like this -- but I am not quite ready to be "that" mom yet. Random. Anyways. Have a great weekend & happy Easter!

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