Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy dirty little baby

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is busy, like baby!

Cy in his toy chest at home
Cy rockin' his new Puma tracksuit.

The Emmers at Easter

Easter - after the "nice" pants were taken off

Patrick being "that dad," walking with the stroller on his cell phone (definitely talking about sports) around Lake of the Isles.

Well both our calendar and Cy are very busy! Right now we have a house guest staying with us through the weekend. Cousin Kara, a dentist from Milwaukee, has driven up to enjoy some time off from her 1 year old Henry and catch a dental convention up here. It's great because she knows the drill. This morning as she was getting ready, Cy was at her side, tugging on her leg & it didn't phase her a bit. Happens to her every morning too! Last night we were very mellow but tonight we are going to go out for a nice dinner, maybe with a couplAdd Videoe of girlfriends, and Cy and Patrick are going to stay home.

Today Cy & I are going to go meet our friends Coryn & Harlowe for a special birthday lunch. Coryn's birthday was on Sunday. We are going to try to sit outside since it is supposed to be 80 out! Cy & I went and ordered his special birthday cake (a 5 inch rounch cake) that he gets all to himself and about 50 cupcakes for his big 1st birthday bash which is happening next weekend. I have no idea if it will be 10 or 100 people because we are having an Open House with no rsvp required. Makes it hard to buy food but also makes it fun to see who turns out!

Last week the weather was great and we walked the lakes every single day. Cy sat nicely in his stroller for the 3-4 mile walks. Hopefully that behavior will last for a while so mommy can try to get into swimsuit shape by the summer. Well, enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cy's Easter outfit

For Easter Cy wore a long sleeved onesie that had an embroidered tie on it, blue chambray pants and a matching hat.

Friday, April 10, 2009

11 months old

Como Park. His hands were covered in tar after playing with this pine cone!

Cy and Parker at Como Park

Cy and Jackson at Lake of the Isles

Cy tearing into all of our drawers. Daddy, you better get some locks on those!

Yesterday Cy crossed into the 11 month of his life. Wow. It's chugging along pretty quickly. Especially now that the weather is nice and we are spending a lot of time outside. The weeks are flying by! This week included a walk every single day... most of the days around a lake.. today we walked Como Park & went to the zoo with Jen & 6 month old Parker. We totally spaced out that is Good Friday and the place was packed! Didn't make a bit of difference though - we just strolled (wow this verb has a whole new meaning now that we are moms with strollers!) through the zoo & then headed out to some trails in the park. It is perfect out today! I am going to go enjoy the rest of "nap" time with a book out on the patio! Sometimes I think about bringing a little glass of wine or a beer out there too - especially when the weather is like this -- but I am not quite ready to be "that" mom yet. Random. Anyways. Have a great weekend & happy Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cy n Harlowe go to the zoo!

baby goat

Harlowe the chicken

Harlowe getting her hand licked.

Cy loves chicks! (Just like his Daddy)

They both loved the aquarium.

Cy really bonded with these nursing piglets. He felt right at home.

More chicks.

The weather was great & the kids were well behaved. It was a lot of fun. I learned that it is hard to take pics with a baby in your arms though! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

big bright sunny day

Yup I thought we were going to get some killer pics today. We walked around Lake of the Isles. I set up Cy and Jackson in front of a half frozen/half open really pretty sparkly lake, got my camera out and discovered that it was out of batteries! Well - it let me take 1 accidental pic before it completely died. As Borat would say "Very Nice."I took a few pics when I got home - which is what I posted here. Maybe tomorrow we will get some better ones. We are going to see the farm babies at the zoo!