Monday, March 9, 2009

well hello there!

Long time no see. Welcome to March! We got back late last night from a 10 day excursion to Milwaukee. Lots of grandpa and grandma time for the babe. For the first few days we were on quarantine and didn't leave the house. Cy was still pretty sick. It wasn't until a few days ago that he seemed completely better. Now grandpa and grandma are totally sick. They don't have voices!
We managed to have a good time anyways! Cy had a few afternoons with the grandparents while I got to run around the old stomping grounds. He even had 2 nights alone with them when Patrick & I went out in Milwaukee and stayed downtown. That was a total blast! One night we went out for lobster & steak and then to a concert. The other night Patrick went to a Marquette hoops game and then I met him & all his friends out for bowling & more.. We also went to lunch twice with Great-Grandpa Cy, Uncle Jim, my parents and Maytag Bob & Clarice. Oh those guys. What a hoot!

Cy is just cruising along. Doesn't sit still for a minute. Within hours of arriving at my parents' house, all the lamps were unplugged and moved into a closed room, pictures and knick knacks taken off coffee tables, and magazines were shredded. That kid leaves his mark!
It feels great to be back! We went to music class today & coffee with Cy's "Godma" Annie. He is 10 months old today! Now we are waiting for the weather to break so we can get our walk on. Ok, time to go to bed. Cy has his little lady friend Harlowe coming over in the morning for a playdate.

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