Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring greetings!

Hello! Not much new here. Just waiting (still!) for the weather to break. We definitely have had some nice days.. although this morning there was snow on the ground & Patrick had to scrape his car before work. We have spent our weekends having friends over for dinner, watching LOTS of basketball, going on walks, etc. Yesterday Cy & I met friends at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. They have a playroom there that is free. We have spent quite a bit of time there this winter. It's a good place to burn off some of Cy's never-ending energy! Today we just got home from swim lessons and Cy is crashed out in his crib for a bit. Tomorrow we are going to a friend's house in NorthEast Minneapolis to play with a group of friends. So, as you can see, same ole same ole! Can't wait to start cruisin' the lakes with the jogging stroller when the weather warms a bit. We did get Cy a smart-looking new pair of tennies (they look just like Daddy's) so he is ready for the outdoors.. so cute!

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