Thursday, February 12, 2009

havin a ball

Well we still managed to go to the park today even though it was a bit cold (read: FREEZING.)Tomorrow we are going to baby story hour at the local library. Some wild-haired wrinkly lady who reminds me of a caricature from SNL reads kids book and makes goofy faces. On Saturday we might go to a baby disco -- it's at a downtown dance club - they serve alcohol for the grown-ups (don't worry we won't drink a lot! Although, we probably should.) and the kids all dance - it's during the daytime hours. Thanks Katie for telling us about it!
So Cy is crawling all over the place now -- nothing is slowing him down! Opening drawers and slamming his fingers into them. Sticking those same chubby fingers into daddy's beer can and electrical outlets. Climbing up into a stand on ledges and then just "letting go" and falling flat on his face. He never stops moving now!
He also is starting to play "catch" with us. We roll the ball to him & he slowly rolls it back! And, he LOVES to kick the ball! Might have a future soccer player on our hands! Or swimmer. He's taken a shine to that too! Laughs the whole swim lesson!
Happy Friday the 13th & Happy V Day! Peace out.

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