Monday, January 12, 2009

snow snow snow

Not much to say today except for the fact that I am contemplating scratching all plans for today (tailor, library, etc.) because there is so much snow falling! We might make the 1 block trek to the grocery store & make rice crispie treats or something instead. Being a stay-at-home mom def has its advantages! I'd be treking to clinics today a year ago (although, the snow probably would not have bothered me as much because I wouldn't be driving with a baby in the car!)
We had a great weekend. Lots and lots of stuff going on. Patrick went out to Victoria for a men's breakfast & saw a former NFL great speak. Followed that up with a game of hockey (they lost. boo!) I went to a baby shower and a dinner for our friend Stacy's birthday with a bunch of girls and then stopped at another birthday party (happy bday Milt!) on my way home. Katie came over yesterday & hung out & had pizza! We also had a showing. Seems like we have one every weekend.
That brown hooded sweater in the pictures above was a Christmas gift from my cousin Jennifer. She knitted it! It looks soooo cute on him. Thanks Jens!
This week Cy & I have swim lessons again and we are going to brave the cold (high of -1 tomorrow) and meet some other stay at home moms for lunches on tuesday and thursday and a play group on wednesday! So far I am sticking to my New Years resolution to meet more moms! Stay warm!
ps: that is Cy playing with Mary Knoll in the middle photo

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