Friday, January 2, 2009

Fine in '09

There once was a man named Ed
who loved to eat bread
He'd eat it all day and all night.
You should've seen his bed!

I found this in my old scrapbook back in Milw. I wrote it, along with some other funny ones, when I was 11. Too funny. There's one that goes something like this: There once was a diappearing cat. He went around a corner and now I don't know where he is at.
Anyways, being home for the holidays was fun. Next time we take a week vacation I would really like it to involve an airplane and a beach instead of a minivan and I-94 for 5 hours. That's where I am now. Cruisin in the van going down 94. Patrick's drivin' baby's sleepin' dog's sleepin. Thank God patrick's computer gets the internet even while we are going down the hwy. Although I can't really think of much to look up. Facebook. Once you go on, accept some new friends, check out what they are up to.. there's not really a lot more to do. Maybe I will start a journal in '09. I guess that is kinda what this site is. My '09 resolution is to make new friends. I really like the ones I have but most of them work during the days. I want some SAHM friends (that's Stay At Home Mom for you slowies out there.) So here is what I am doing to work on my resolution: 1) Swim lessons. Fun, but only a 1/2 hour once a week... 2) Kindermusik. My mom & dad gave me $$ to take this class as my Christmas gift. It goes from Jan till May. 3) I joined two Stay At Home mom groups & have signed up to do outings with them like storytimes at bookstores and a play day at the childrens museum. 4) there's some sort of SAHM mom exercise group that meets with their babes in strollers - I might give that a whirl too.
It's nice having a resolution that encourages you to do fun things.. I think it will be much easier to keep! Speaking of easy to keep resolutions... Cy wants new teeth and to walk in '09. He has two very bumpy/sharp gum areas that I think will be teeth in the next few weeks. That may be the official close of the "breastaurant." We will see.
Peace out.

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