Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Farewell to January 09 baby!

Cabin fever is running rampant in our house (as well as some sort of other illness - Cy is a snot machine & Patrick staye dhome from work on Monday) so we bought Cy a cool new toy that has been keeping him occupied & full of laughs. A little car! It has side panels so he can't fall off and a bar so we can push him around in it. He loves it. We cruise down the condo building hallway to get the mail... he honks the horn at our neighbors. We take advantage of our hard floor on the 1st level and do circles around the kitchen table. It's like having an indoor playground! Perfect.

But that's not all we have been busy with... First off - there's a big change since my last post... and that would be... (drum roll please..) NAP TIME! The kid finally takes a big fat nap on his own in his crib in the afternoon - so I get free hands! yay! (He always napped - just most of the time on me.) HEAVEN! I made two salads today (chicken curry, fruit) and chocolate peanut butter rice crispie treats (I've had a huge craving for them recently - I already ate over a whole row of them!) With a free hour/hour and a half... the possibilities are endless... books to be read, drawers to be organized, photo projects to be worked on, web sites to be created! Bliss!

Secondly, I have really taken my NYE resolution to heart. Maybe a little too much. There is not one free day on our calender anymore! Swim classes, music class, ECFE, and outings with fellow moms. We have been having a blast! Yesterday we met a bunch of moms at a museum play room & let the kids have at it. Tomorrow we are off to walk the skywalks downtown and hit the salad bar at Macy's with a fellow mom and her super cute daughter "Harlowe."

I am really enjoying being home! And thank God I am not with Wyeth anymore -- Katie Couric announced in our living room that Pfizer has bought them out. What stress my poor ex-co-workers must be going through!

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