Friday, January 23, 2009

And he is on the go!

Not quite crawling but more of an army crawl. His belly stays on the floor -- but he is in to EVERYTHING! A fellow mom said she put a flannel on her kid and let him dust the floor. I am considering... esp since we have had a lot of condo showings lately (2 yesterday!) It would be nice to have another hand (or belly) to help clean. Check out the 'white' in the front of his mouth. I think the top two teeth are on their way in.

Don't have a lot of time to write. Cy has become very very clingy! He cries when I leave to go to the bathroom or anything! And he cries whenever you take a toy away! Ahhh! I hope this stage passes by fast. Teething maybe?!

I wanted to write today about Michelle Obama but I don't have any time. I think she dresses very nicely but all this press about her being a "fashion icon" is over the top (in my humble non-fashionable opinion.) I think what she wears is ok... I mean it is way better than the uber-matronly Laura Bush... but if you want to talk political fashion icon - check out the French president's wife. Carla Bruni. She is a knock out! I love her music as well...

Cy just ripped a laptop off a shelf - gotta go. Happy weekend!

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