Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Farewell to January 09 baby!

Cabin fever is running rampant in our house (as well as some sort of other illness - Cy is a snot machine & Patrick staye dhome from work on Monday) so we bought Cy a cool new toy that has been keeping him occupied & full of laughs. A little car! It has side panels so he can't fall off and a bar so we can push him around in it. He loves it. We cruise down the condo building hallway to get the mail... he honks the horn at our neighbors. We take advantage of our hard floor on the 1st level and do circles around the kitchen table. It's like having an indoor playground! Perfect.

But that's not all we have been busy with... First off - there's a big change since my last post... and that would be... (drum roll please..) NAP TIME! The kid finally takes a big fat nap on his own in his crib in the afternoon - so I get free hands! yay! (He always napped - just most of the time on me.) HEAVEN! I made two salads today (chicken curry, fruit) and chocolate peanut butter rice crispie treats (I've had a huge craving for them recently - I already ate over a whole row of them!) With a free hour/hour and a half... the possibilities are endless... books to be read, drawers to be organized, photo projects to be worked on, web sites to be created! Bliss!

Secondly, I have really taken my NYE resolution to heart. Maybe a little too much. There is not one free day on our calender anymore! Swim classes, music class, ECFE, and outings with fellow moms. We have been having a blast! Yesterday we met a bunch of moms at a museum play room & let the kids have at it. Tomorrow we are off to walk the skywalks downtown and hit the salad bar at Macy's with a fellow mom and her super cute daughter "Harlowe."

I am really enjoying being home! And thank God I am not with Wyeth anymore -- Katie Couric announced in our living room that Pfizer has bought them out. What stress my poor ex-co-workers must be going through!

Friday, January 23, 2009

And he is on the go!

Not quite crawling but more of an army crawl. His belly stays on the floor -- but he is in to EVERYTHING! A fellow mom said she put a flannel on her kid and let him dust the floor. I am considering... esp since we have had a lot of condo showings lately (2 yesterday!) It would be nice to have another hand (or belly) to help clean. Check out the 'white' in the front of his mouth. I think the top two teeth are on their way in.

Don't have a lot of time to write. Cy has become very very clingy! He cries when I leave to go to the bathroom or anything! And he cries whenever you take a toy away! Ahhh! I hope this stage passes by fast. Teething maybe?!

I wanted to write today about Michelle Obama but I don't have any time. I think she dresses very nicely but all this press about her being a "fashion icon" is over the top (in my humble non-fashionable opinion.) I think what she wears is ok... I mean it is way better than the uber-matronly Laura Bush... but if you want to talk political fashion icon - check out the French president's wife. Carla Bruni. She is a knock out! I love her music as well...

Cy just ripped a laptop off a shelf - gotta go. Happy weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We want to go outside!

For longer than a minute! We did do a lot this week -- met a lot of really nice new people! We somehow managed to get out of the house every day this week... but today Cy was banging on the glass door... I think he was trying to tell me that 4 days in a row of below zero is too much!
ps: thank you for the cute outfit Clarice! It is keeping Cy warm & cute today!

Monday, January 12, 2009

snow snow snow

Not much to say today except for the fact that I am contemplating scratching all plans for today (tailor, library, etc.) because there is so much snow falling! We might make the 1 block trek to the grocery store & make rice crispie treats or something instead. Being a stay-at-home mom def has its advantages! I'd be treking to clinics today a year ago (although, the snow probably would not have bothered me as much because I wouldn't be driving with a baby in the car!)
We had a great weekend. Lots and lots of stuff going on. Patrick went out to Victoria for a men's breakfast & saw a former NFL great speak. Followed that up with a game of hockey (they lost. boo!) I went to a baby shower and a dinner for our friend Stacy's birthday with a bunch of girls and then stopped at another birthday party (happy bday Milt!) on my way home. Katie came over yesterday & hung out & had pizza! We also had a showing. Seems like we have one every weekend.
That brown hooded sweater in the pictures above was a Christmas gift from my cousin Jennifer. She knitted it! It looks soooo cute on him. Thanks Jens!
This week Cy & I have swim lessons again and we are going to brave the cold (high of -1 tomorrow) and meet some other stay at home moms for lunches on tuesday and thursday and a play group on wednesday! So far I am sticking to my New Years resolution to meet more moms! Stay warm!
ps: that is Cy playing with Mary Knoll in the middle photo

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zwiebart toast and organic teething biscuits

No matter how much soap and bathwater we use, the kid still smells like biscuits and toast.
Two teeth on their way in!
He had a swim lesson yesterday. Took to it like a fish (knock on wood.) He did some humpty dumpty, some kicking, some going through 'rain' and other fun activites in the pool. I was in it with him. The place we go to is only for lessons for kids - so they keep the pool a toasty 92 degrees. My body was all 'mashed potatoes' afterwards from being in the warm water for so long. Cy & I both were very sleepy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fine in '09

There once was a man named Ed
who loved to eat bread
He'd eat it all day and all night.
You should've seen his bed!

I found this in my old scrapbook back in Milw. I wrote it, along with some other funny ones, when I was 11. Too funny. There's one that goes something like this: There once was a diappearing cat. He went around a corner and now I don't know where he is at.
Anyways, being home for the holidays was fun. Next time we take a week vacation I would really like it to involve an airplane and a beach instead of a minivan and I-94 for 5 hours. That's where I am now. Cruisin in the van going down 94. Patrick's drivin' baby's sleepin' dog's sleepin. Thank God patrick's computer gets the internet even while we are going down the hwy. Although I can't really think of much to look up. Facebook. Once you go on, accept some new friends, check out what they are up to.. there's not really a lot more to do. Maybe I will start a journal in '09. I guess that is kinda what this site is. My '09 resolution is to make new friends. I really like the ones I have but most of them work during the days. I want some SAHM friends (that's Stay At Home Mom for you slowies out there.) So here is what I am doing to work on my resolution: 1) Swim lessons. Fun, but only a 1/2 hour once a week... 2) Kindermusik. My mom & dad gave me $$ to take this class as my Christmas gift. It goes from Jan till May. 3) I joined two Stay At Home mom groups & have signed up to do outings with them like storytimes at bookstores and a play day at the childrens museum. 4) there's some sort of SAHM mom exercise group that meets with their babes in strollers - I might give that a whirl too.
It's nice having a resolution that encourages you to do fun things.. I think it will be much easier to keep! Speaking of easy to keep resolutions... Cy wants new teeth and to walk in '09. He has two very bumpy/sharp gum areas that I think will be teeth in the next few weeks. That may be the official close of the "breastaurant." We will see.
Peace out.