Monday, December 29, 2008


We are finally enjoying our first totally free day since the holidays began! We might take Cy out to lunch or wander a mall or go for a walk outside (it's 45 degrees here!)
The holidays were a lot of fun -- but we really did a lot of running around! Quick recap: We started out by going to mass & then a holiday party at the Emmers in Victoria on xmas eve. Earlier that day we had hustled and packed up the whole car and then completely cleaned and staged our condo in case of showings. So Christmas morning we piled into the car and made the trek to Milwaukee. With only a few hours to spare we arrived, rested & then headed over to a xmas party at my grandpa cy's house. Got back late & spent the next day celebrating xmas with my family. Three days in a row of christmas presents was really fun! Then on Saturday Mike, Patrick & I rented a hotel room in Milwaukee at this super cool new hotel and went out and hung out with old friends!
So finally we are enjoying patrick's time off work and just chillin today! It's so nice to have him home (so I can do things like play on the computer!) and so we can do fun adventures while we are here in Milwaukee. Today is his last day of being 33! Tomorrow he turns 34 and we are going to go out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie.
I can't get my pics up right now for some reason but I will try to add some in a bit!
Hope you had a good holiday too! See you in '09!

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