Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We are back from a great long weekend! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day dinner at the Emmer family home in Victoria and then we headed up to the cabin in northern Wisconsin for a relaxing weekend. We made it out of there just in time! They got a TON of snow when we left! Today Cy & I went down to Linden Hills and went on a cool winter walk with our friends Kat and Camille. The fresh air was so good for them. Cy slept for a nice long time when we got home after a big meal. Here are some pics I took today. I didn't take any at all over Thanksgiving. Probably because both Grandmas had their cameras clicking so often I couldn't find a free moment to capture ;)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of little Cy. I can hardly wait to see his first pictures with Santa. Clarice