Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas photos

Here are some holiday photos Annie took this week. We went to the Christmas display downtown! We always have a 'xmas day' each year and usually end up doing some sort of kid activity so it was nice to actually have a kid this year to bring with. What a great day... probably was extra fun because we had a glass of champagne at lunch (ok, 2.) Cy loves Santa. He sat on his lap on Monday when my mom & I took him. He asked for lots of breast milk (preferably not after champagne) and something to chew on...
Also this weekend my poor dad was put to the test. He worked many many hard hours to help us fix up the condo. Little things like lowering the crib turned into big, full day projects... one side of the crib was a little warped and needed a brace put in, new holes drilled, blah blah blah. Anyways, it seemed that every little thing turned into a big project that neither Patrick nor I had any clue how to do. We were very lucky to have his help! And grateful. Thank you Dad!
By the way if you were the lucky recipient of our xmas card (also pictured above) I can confirm that it most definitely was A JOKE people! We bought xmas sweaters for $10 secondhand. Katie K snapped the photo. Little old aunties in far away lands are already telling us how cute our card is. Opps. Anyways, we decided if we were going to do the stereotypical family card, we might as well go all out and look like the Cleavers. We even had Katie snap a few pics in front of the minivan but they didn't turn out quite as well.
Happy Holiday! Get your shop on!

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Jennifer said...

OMG! I had no idea that card was a joke! I'm so happy that it was though. You guys had me a little scared. Well, mostly Patrick with the vest and all.