Monday, December 29, 2008


We are finally enjoying our first totally free day since the holidays began! We might take Cy out to lunch or wander a mall or go for a walk outside (it's 45 degrees here!)
The holidays were a lot of fun -- but we really did a lot of running around! Quick recap: We started out by going to mass & then a holiday party at the Emmers in Victoria on xmas eve. Earlier that day we had hustled and packed up the whole car and then completely cleaned and staged our condo in case of showings. So Christmas morning we piled into the car and made the trek to Milwaukee. With only a few hours to spare we arrived, rested & then headed over to a xmas party at my grandpa cy's house. Got back late & spent the next day celebrating xmas with my family. Three days in a row of christmas presents was really fun! Then on Saturday Mike, Patrick & I rented a hotel room in Milwaukee at this super cool new hotel and went out and hung out with old friends!
So finally we are enjoying patrick's time off work and just chillin today! It's so nice to have him home (so I can do things like play on the computer!) and so we can do fun adventures while we are here in Milwaukee. Today is his last day of being 33! Tomorrow he turns 34 and we are going to go out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie.
I can't get my pics up right now for some reason but I will try to add some in a bit!
Hope you had a good holiday too! See you in '09!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy birthday to both grandma's!

Grandma Nan -- today & Grandma Lynn - tomorrow!

Happy birthday!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas photos

Here are some holiday photos Annie took this week. We went to the Christmas display downtown! We always have a 'xmas day' each year and usually end up doing some sort of kid activity so it was nice to actually have a kid this year to bring with. What a great day... probably was extra fun because we had a glass of champagne at lunch (ok, 2.) Cy loves Santa. He sat on his lap on Monday when my mom & I took him. He asked for lots of breast milk (preferably not after champagne) and something to chew on...
Also this weekend my poor dad was put to the test. He worked many many hard hours to help us fix up the condo. Little things like lowering the crib turned into big, full day projects... one side of the crib was a little warped and needed a brace put in, new holes drilled, blah blah blah. Anyways, it seemed that every little thing turned into a big project that neither Patrick nor I had any clue how to do. We were very lucky to have his help! And grateful. Thank you Dad!
By the way if you were the lucky recipient of our xmas card (also pictured above) I can confirm that it most definitely was A JOKE people! We bought xmas sweaters for $10 secondhand. Katie K snapped the photo. Little old aunties in far away lands are already telling us how cute our card is. Opps. Anyways, we decided if we were going to do the stereotypical family card, we might as well go all out and look like the Cleavers. We even had Katie snap a few pics in front of the minivan but they didn't turn out quite as well.
Happy Holiday! Get your shop on!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

helping mom and eating dad's hair

gearing up for the holidays

Hi! We aren't just getting ready for the holidays around here -- we are also gearing up for the days of crawling! My parents are coming up tomorrow and my dad is bringing his drill, saw and all his tools & he is going to turn our condo into a childproof fortress. Wow, it's nice having a dad who is crafty sometimes! Anyways, Grandma Nan is on her way - and I am going shopping! Wow, shopping without a stroller is going to feel wierd. Where do I put my jacket and diet coke? I hope to get as many xmas presents as possible today in one big swoop!

The outfit in the pic above is also from grandma nan. thank you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Not sure the spelling.. but my grandpa Cy always does this beeble leza thing to us -- well 'did' it to us when we wre babies. He does it to Cy now. Story: When my cousin Catherine was living in Slovenia she went to the market one day with her baby Eleanor. A woman in the market came up and started doing the beeble leza thing to Eleanor! It is a Slovenian rhyme that means the crawling bug... Grandpa Cy's parents who were 100% Slovenian used to do it to him! My mom is 100% Slovenian. I am 50% so Cy is 25% Slovenian. Family tradition!
PS: I also posted a few pics today in another post!


We are back from a great long weekend! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day dinner at the Emmer family home in Victoria and then we headed up to the cabin in northern Wisconsin for a relaxing weekend. We made it out of there just in time! They got a TON of snow when we left! Today Cy & I went down to Linden Hills and went on a cool winter walk with our friends Kat and Camille. The fresh air was so good for them. Cy slept for a nice long time when we got home after a big meal. Here are some pics I took today. I didn't take any at all over Thanksgiving. Probably because both Grandmas had their cameras clicking so often I couldn't find a free moment to capture ;)