Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny things that have stuck

Here's a few funny things that the grandmas have said that have 'stuck.'
Grandma Nan once commented on how all of Cy's different toys are like "circuit training.' He does one for a few minutes and moves on to the next one. Now, almost every day we do "circuit training!"
Grandma Lynn once said that Jackson (the dog) is like Cy's "Furry Clown." It is so true. Cy is always watching Jackson & laughing at him. So we call Jackson the "Furry Clown" and sometimes he is even the 'Furry Nanny.'
Grandma Lynn also said last week that "Babies work is play" and that Cy's Exersaucer is his "office." Now we always tell Cy that he has to go to work for a while... and then we play! We sometimes he has to work in his "office" (which is where he is right now.)
Finally, Patrick loves monkies. We have been calling Cy the Little Monkey since he was born. I just read the other day that babies should be recognizing their name anytime now. I betcha he'll recognize "Monkey" before Cy!
Above are some pics of the Monkey "working," "in his office," and hanging out with his "Furry Nanny."

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