Friday, October 31, 2008


We have a showing for our condo today -- the 4th in a week! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny things that have stuck

Here's a few funny things that the grandmas have said that have 'stuck.'
Grandma Nan once commented on how all of Cy's different toys are like "circuit training.' He does one for a few minutes and moves on to the next one. Now, almost every day we do "circuit training!"
Grandma Lynn once said that Jackson (the dog) is like Cy's "Furry Clown." It is so true. Cy is always watching Jackson & laughing at him. So we call Jackson the "Furry Clown" and sometimes he is even the 'Furry Nanny.'
Grandma Lynn also said last week that "Babies work is play" and that Cy's Exersaucer is his "office." Now we always tell Cy that he has to go to work for a while... and then we play! We sometimes he has to work in his "office" (which is where he is right now.)
Finally, Patrick loves monkies. We have been calling Cy the Little Monkey since he was born. I just read the other day that babies should be recognizing their name anytime now. I betcha he'll recognize "Monkey" before Cy!
Above are some pics of the Monkey "working," "in his office," and hanging out with his "Furry Nanny."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more pics

back safe and sound

hi! We're back in Minnesota - just in time for the cold!
We were in Wisconsin for a week. It was a lot of fun. I got to see some old friends - Pam in Madison and Joanna drove up from Chicago to spend the day. She and I had lunch & got pedicures and then she came to my parents' house and spent some time with Cy.

My cousin Kara, her husband Mark and her 8 month old son Henry and my grandpa Cy came over for dinner one night. It was so fun to see Henry. It prompted me to immediately start looking into childproofing because Henry can crawl and man does he move fast. A foreshadowing of things to come. It is always great to talk with Kara because she does all the research and I get to ride her coattails. I basically just follow her lead when it comes to baby things like solid foods, teething and now babyproofing. Thanks Kara!

We also spent a lot of time with my parents - Grandpa Dick and Grandma Lynn. We went to the park almost every day to walk the dogs, we went shopping and to restaurants and we went down to Milwaukee (they live in the suburbs) and spent the day at Discovery World and Old World Third Street. We went to the Ambrosia chocolate store and a cheese store. Heaven! Like I said earlier, Blue Moon icecream is the best!

And we went to lunch with my Grandpa Cy and my uncle Jim. Gpa Cy goes out to lunch every day and my mom & dad meet up with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays at one of his favorite restaurants "Vickies." All the waitresses know him by name and they know what he likes to eat. It's pretty funny. He got to show off his great-grandson & his namesake!

Other than the super long car rides (it took me 7 1/2 hours each way - it is usually about 4 1/2 or 5) the entire trip was a blast!

I am happy to be home. First thing I did today was start looking into more activities for this winter. I am a little worried that both Cy and I are going to get bored when it starts getting cold out since we spend a lot of our time outside. I just found out that our new gym has a "Rock N Stroll" exercise class once a week. Moms come with their babies and strollers to workout. And I also am signed up for "Pilates with Baby" at our friend Adrienne's studio called Align. I am also going to sign up for baby swim lessons (basically you sign songs & splash around) and maybe an ECFE class just to meet some more people who are around during the day -- and to get out of the house!

Time to hit the hay. Tomorrow the Emmer grandparents are coming over to 'sit while Patrick and I go out for a bit! g'night!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

some more pics for daddy

Hi Patrick! I know you miss us! We are heading home! Here are some pics from Tuesday's adventures. Hopefully we will be home by the time you are done with work.


Jill & Cy & Jackson

hello from wisco!

Wow! We have been doing a ton of stuff. I will write more about it when we get back home. We have seen a lot of friends and family. We are leaving in about 15 minutes to go have lunch (again!) with Great-grandpa Cy and then we are heading down to the Discovery World in downtown Milwaukee. I am hoping to eat some blue moon icecream while we are down there! My dad said I am going to have to 'get a bigger pair of Levi's' if I keep up with all this ice-cream eating. It is so hard when your parents live a mile away from the best custard in the city! Kopp's Custard. You should check them out! Anyways, here are some recent pics. More to come!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the homeland

well we survived the 8 plus hour drive from mpls to mke. and we have been having a great time since! here are a few pics from our trip here so far!

Friday, October 10, 2008

monkey business

Little monkey has finally managed to get his feet into his mouth. These days EVERYTHING is going into his mouth... well, except for the rice cereal. That goes all over his shirt and our laps!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

will i ever get the hang of the video?

Well, I finally learned that I simply just have an old computer. It won't allow me to see or edit my videos.. so videos might be a little rare for a while! I am on Patrick's computer right now. Hopefully we will get a new computer sometime. They are really fun to do! Buzzzzzz.......

funny weekend


We had a terrific weekend! Went to dinner at Eric, Mandy and Cooper's house in St Paul on Friday night. Went to Stevie and Steiner's birthday party at Stella's with Cy on Sat night! Here are some funny pics. Cy tried on Cooper's Halloween costume from 2 yrs ago.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October - and Happy Birthday Uncle Mikey!

Well another week has come and gone. So fast! So much happened this past week! We visited Adrienne down at her studio. Annie came over to play for a while. Grandma and Grandpa Cherwenka came into town in search of a big muskie (to no avail.) Patrick had his 15 year high school reunion and everyone came into town. Katie threw a big birthday party for Annie and her sister Maggie. It was a blast. I had the glorious pleasure of "pumping and dumping." Now I know why I don't go out so much anymore! Sunday was a little tough. Good thing Patrick was there and well rested because mommy was a little "tired." Not to mention that it suddenly turned to fall outside. Brrr!

We are busy contemplating how to dress a baby in cold weather and how to feed him rice cereal. He is getting big. So far he seems to really enjoy trying food and eating from a spoon. This week Cy had his two newborn friends over and their moms. Kat & Camille and Anne & Soren all come over for lunch on Monday. It was so fun to talk with fellow new moms about things like poop and sleep. And yesterday Cy & I went back to baby yoga. That place sure gets crowded when the weather is cool out! OK, gotta run and give the kid his cereal!