Monday, September 8, 2008

A new friend for Cy

Hi! Cy has a new friend! Last Tuesday Mark & Kat had a sweet baby girl named Camille. She has a head of dark hair and looked very happy to be in mom and dad's arms. She weighed over 9 1/2 pounds at birth! Congrats! Cy got a chance to quickly meet his new friend last week. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of Camille! Kat seemed to be doing great. They went home from the hospital on Friday. Hopefully they are getting some sleep!
On Friday we said goodbye to Julie and her two girls Alexis and Hailey. It was sad to see them go. They are moving to Chicago this week. Luckily, they will be back up a lot because their families are here. Good luck in Chicago girls!
Patrick & I had a great weekend. On Saturday night our friend Katie babysat and we got a chance to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. We had lobster and steak at one of our favorite restaurants Jax Cafe. It was really romantic and so nice to be out - just the two of us! When we got home Cy was asleep in katie's arms. You can just tell how much he adores her. (And I am pretty sure she adores him too!)
Yesterday we went to the Renaissance festival in a special 'godparent' outing. Cy loved to look at all of the 'interesting' people there. It was expensive but fun. A highlight was Stevie and Patrick throwing tomatoes at a smart aleck who was insulting them. Patrick was wearing a button-down and the guy called him yuppie scum (all in Good fun of course.) Then Patrick dunked a 'wench' by hitting a target with a softball.
And now Patrick is at the International Machinery & Tool Convention in Chicago. He had a 6am flight. ouch. Good luck in Chicago Daddy!
Cy just went down for a nap so I figure I'd write a quick little post. He is getting so big! My arms tire pretty quick when I hold him and he loves to 'stand' all the time. He is also starting to really chat up a storm. It is the sweetest sound.
Today we went on a walk, read some books and now I am trying to clean up our house a little while he sleeps. Hopefully Cy will be willing to watch the packers crush the vikes tonight (i hope I didn't just jinx it!)

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