Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God's Grace

We are back! This morning Cy & I stayed in bed late & listened to all the sounds of the city. Sirens, helicopters, cars, horns & the rain. A lot different from the cottage sounds. Cy loved it up there. He was such a good boy. I took a lot of pictures and I will post them in a day or two.
Today I want to use my space online to share my heavy heart. On Thursday our friends Andy and Elizabeth "Faz" lost their baby Grace. Grace stayed with them through 9 months of pregnancy but somehow didn't make it through the birth. Their web site has more details, pictures of Elizabeth pregnant and a place to share your thoughts. http://www.caringtree.com/car_page.cfm?pageID=4&contactID=2754&coID=0 My heart just aches. I am already amazed at the strength they have shown.. reaching out to people with their web site, taking the time to respond to emails and phone calls. I could not have been as strong. Tonight Patrick is probably going to see Andy and give him a bear hug from the Emmers. Faz's, you are in our prayers. And Angel Grace, we did not get a chance to meet you but we will always remember you and consider you a part of the Faz family. God bless you.

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