Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lots of activities

Hi World!

We have been keeping ourselves busy with lots of fun activities! On Friday night Patrick stayed home with Cy and I went out with the girls to celebrate Katie's birthday. It was great fun and Patrick said everything went smoothly at home too. He was home with Cy from 6pm till 1am and then woke up to do the 6am feeding -- not bad for a first time dad, eh?

On Saturday we took Cy to the beach for the first time. I dunked his toes into the water and his body went stiff as a board. Maybe next time we will make it to his knees! Then we took Cy to an adult party - a baby shower for the Faz's.

And on Sunday we took Cy to the Uptown Art Fair which is a great street fair only a few blocks from our house! Everyone was smiling at him. Gosh, I never realized how much people love babies!

Today Cy & I are going to go meet Julie & her two little girls for lunch... Alexis and Hailey. Cy is a total ladies man! The girls love him.

The little man is smiley, happy and doing great! Eats his fist. Drools a lot. Goo's and Gaaa's all the time. This stage is great. He is content being on his own for a few minutes here and there which is all I need to be able to run to the bathroom or whatever without him screaming! The best part is that lately he has been going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am! So mommy is happy too. Now I just need to fit back into my old jeans and we will be all good. I am soooo close!

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