Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake Calhoun Photo Shoot

Cy & I chilled out at Lake Calhoun today. Took some silly pics. He's napping now after a long day. We walked over 4 miles, had lunch with Kat, shopped and spent the whole day strolling around. Whew!
Here's a wierd one for you. This morning at 6:30am Patrick went out to his car to leave for work & noticed that a couple of his hubcaps were missing. One was still on his car, one was laying in the grass next to the car and the other two were totally gone. When Cy and I got home from our adventures today around 4pm, the other two hub caps were lying in the grass next to the street right where the car had been parked. They were definitely not there earlier! Someone returned them... hmmm.....

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