Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hello and goodbye

We are once again busy as usual! Tomorrow we leave for the cabin! Cy and I will be up there for 10 days! (Patrick will be back here though - so if you are a burglar - forget it - our place is occupied!)
Today Grandma Nan came over and took care of Cy while I went to te gym and got a good sweat in. Sit-ups are killer these days. I feel like such a wimp! Slowly but surely though, eh?
And now we are busy packing and cleaning. We are having an open house while we are gone so our pad needs to be spotless. Good luck. Between the dog and baby there is no way. But we will put in a good effort!
And yesterday Cy & I drove out to Victoria (if anyone reading this has any tips on keeping a kid from crying in the car let me know. Apparently Cy doesn't like his car seat anymore! It took me two plus hours to get home because I had to keep pulling over. Ouch) Out in Victoria there was an Emmer Luncheon at the Emmer house. Cy got to meet his great-aunts and cousins! He also got meet baby Michael who was born one week after him. They are second cousins. We hope to hang out more! It was nice. The ice cream cake for dessert was especially yummy and impossible to resist.
You know, we just got back from walking the dog and there is definitely a tinge of fall in the air. Makes me think my glorious "summer of baby" is coming to an end. By the time we get back it will September. Wow. We are just waiting now for Cy's 3 new friends to arrive. They are all due to be born in the next week or two!
Another thing I was thinking about: one year ago on Labor Day was the day I found out I was pregnant. My things change! Cy is sitting on my lap in his Bjorn as I write this - he is sputtering away. I caught him on video today chatting up a storm and trying to crawl. As soon as I can figure out how to put the vid online - you will crack up when you see it!
Happy Labor Day folks. See you in Sept!!
Jill & Cy

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Have a great time at the cottage!