Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation recap

Well I am finally getting back to writing on here. It has been a busy two days! Yesterday Cy & I went out to lunch with his Godmother Annie D. And then Patrick, Cy & I went out to dinner with the Kelly's. Pat Kelly is friends with Patrick from a long time ago. They were coincidentally in our Childbirth class way back in Feb. We finally all got to go out & celebrate the arrival of our sons! Their son Danny was born in March. Cute little bugger.

Today Cy had his 2 month appt (his 2 month "birthday was on the 9th.) He is a big kid. 13 pounds and change. And he was a little toughie during his shots. Very brave.

Anyways, vacay was great! We started the vacation out in madison, wisco at my friend Pam's wedding. I was a bridesmaid. It was a super fun, very pretty wedding. Pam & Clint were married on the shores of Lake Mendota at Clint's parents' house. Their reception was at the Overture Center right on the top of State Street near the capital. I think she said there was like 300 people there. It was so pretty! I remember looking at Pam while the photographer was taking shots & thinking it looked like a magazine. I can't wait to see the pics! One of my favorite things was pumping breast milk in the handicap stall -- er wait -- that was one of my least fav things. One of my favorite things at the wedding was the surprise late night visit from Bucky Badger! I hit on him and he danced a few songs with him - including Varsity! It was a blast!

And after all that we were on our way up to the cabin! My cousins, aunts & uncles & bro all came from Seattle, LA, Chicago, Milwaukee, South Africa & Mpls. I realized that no matter where you go with a baby it is still work! I still showered with the kid in the car seat on the bathroom floor. However, I did get some great breaks away & was able to go running & swimming. Ahh it was great! It was so great that I decided to stay an extra week! I can tell Cy really likes being outside. He just totally chills out & looks around everytime we were out.

I loved having my cousin Kara & her baby Henry meet Cy. Henry was born in March. Kara's mom Sharon in my mom's identical twin.

It was great talking with my cousin Jens about her future baby too! She is adopting a little boy.... hopefully we will see him at Christmas!

I also was excited that my brother Mike finally got to meet his nephew! I was surprised at how good he was with him. Mike knew how to hold a baby! I think they dug eachother.

And finally, the real kicker was having my grandpa meet his great grandson - and his namesake. Cy met Cy. We celebrated Cy's 97 yr old birthday while the other Cy turned 7 weeks! Grandpa says that little Cy is definitely a leftie. He was always grabbing Gpa Cy's hand with his left hand.

This weekend is our open house. I hope you are coming! (that is unless you are some stranger from the general public in which case you are totally not invited and please get off my site! :) And on Sunday lil Cy is getting splashed with the holy water. Like I said earlier Annie is the fairy Godmother & Steve D is the Godfather.

ok, good night!


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