Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cy Says Hi

Whew! What a weekend! I keep thinking today is Monday because the weekend totally flew by and our visitors (my mom and dad) were still here. On Saturday we had our "Stop By and Say Hi To Cy" Open House. Cy had great a turnout - he sure has a lot of friends already! We probably had about 75 people in all. Lots of kids, lots of relatives & friends. It was great! We went through a quarter barrell of beer in about 3 hours. Not bad.

And on Sunday Cy was baptised. Patrick & I both really really enjoyed it. You know, you go to a church service (especially one where you have to be there at 7:30am) and you think it is going to be nice and it is going to be meaningful of course but that's about it. We were surprised because it was actually fun for us. It was so touching to see Cy welcomed into Christianity by family and our neighbors. And it was touching to have our family and friends there in unity to support the little man.

Speaking of which, he just woke up. Gotta go! Cy, Annie and I are going to Block E theaters today to see Mama Mia. On Tuesdays you can bring your baby to the matinee! They turn the volume down a bit and they turn the lights up a little so it is comfortable for new moms.

As always, more pics to come!



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