Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time and space

Here's a pic of Cy with his friend Annie Mac who has a friend 'cooking' for Cy! Sex to be determined.... but he/she should be here in about a month! Yay!

Wow, I can't believe how quickly this month flew by! Patrick says I am always hung up on 'time and space' and it is true I am. I am always saying things like 'just think a year ago right now we were...." or "it was a whole month since..." I wonder why I do that?

Honestly though we are coming up on the kid being 3 mos and it has gone by so quickly! Although it is far enough away now where I am already forgetting about the brutality of being 9 mos pregnant, having a c-section and being up all night with a newborn... I must be forgetting because last night I asked Patrick "when can we have a girl?!" and I was only half joking.. or not joking at all I think.

I think hanging out with a kid all day is (as the older generation says) 'a riot.' Although it forces you to act like a major geek sometimes like when I am driving around town (in a MINIVAN) singing super goofy made up songs and waving my hands in the air in a desperate (and mostly failed) attempt to keep Cy from crying his lungs out.
Speaking of geekness: have to tell you though- I am soooo excited. Yesterday I took Cy to JCPenny's to get his photo taken and he was sooo smiley - I think the photos turned out great! They are going to put them online on August 12th or sometime near then & I will post the link here. I had Cy pose with a teddy bear he got as a gift (from the Kaurek's) and the quilt in his room. Patrick said we should hire him out as a model. I think he was only half joking. We really think he is the cutest kid on the planet.
Two other things happened this week of interest. 1) My brother Mikey got to feel an earthquake for the first time. He lives in LA. He was on a conference call in his car when it occured. He said he had no idea what was happening at first and by time he figured it out, it was over. He said that it was a little scary and that his cell phone went dead immediately during the quake. 2) My Grandpa Cy who is 97 yrs old got his drivers license! Boy is he determined! It is my understanding that he got it taken away in June or sometime around then because he was in a car accident (which my entire family thinks was not his fault) and they take away the license automatically when someone his age is in an accident. So over the 4th of July Grandpa and company drove down to Shawano (which is like an hour in one direction) from the cottage so grandpa could take his written test. He eventually passed the test that was really hard (do you know how many feet you should be behind the truck in front of you?) And then this week back in Milwaukee he passed the driving portion! Amazing! You go grandpa!

Gotta go. Today we are going back to yoga and then meeting up with Godma Annie for fun!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, lil Cy is sleeping on my lap so I am 'trapped' sitting here in front of the computer. BYOB Yoga tired the kid out. Really, it did! The first 20 mins are filled with 'yoga for baby' where we help the babies stretch out and we massage them. Very fun and cute! Cy was very into checking out all the other babies there. And then the rest of the hour is for mom. I got to do yoga poses & stretches while holding the baby. It was great! I am going back on Thursday. By the end little Cy was sound asleep which was surprising because he slept a ton last night and is not a napper.

Maybe you've noticed that I have stopped writing so much about sleep lately?! Well my friend that is because the little man is finally doing better. Less wake-ups through the night!! Man, I hope I didn't just jinx it! It's great though & I am finally feeling like a normal, rested human.. which makes me want to exercise again! Please please please say I didn't just jinx it!

I often wonder about who is reading this blog?! 2000 hits in 3 mos is pretty dang good for a family blog! From a business standpoint I am considering selling some ads on here for some pocket cash. Seriously though I do occasionally feel self centered writing all the time about me and my family like someone out there (besides grandma (s) and grandpa(s) who devour every photo, every word) actually should care. But I have to say that I really like writing on the blog. It's like my long lost diary I used to keep has finally resurfaced. I know my grammar sucks by the way. I am an English major.

Anyways, thanks for reading our little blog. Thanks for caring. And thanks for being a part of our lives! Unless you are some wierdo stranger in which case please get off my site and never ever come back! And for the rest of you, don't forget you can always write comments on the bottom of each post!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Goodnight world

Sleep tight! Tommorow we head to BYOB "Bring Your Own Baby" YOGA!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Have a great day golfing! I can't wait to golf with you someday! You are a great grandfather! Love, Cy

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute pics

The baptism pics won't be up for a while. They are in North Dakota and then they are going to Buffalo, NY. (They are on Annie's camera!)
Here are 2 cute pics from yesterday. I caught him smiling! Also, I put a link up to all of the open house pics on the right hand side of the screen.
See ya!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cy Says Hi

Whew! What a weekend! I keep thinking today is Monday because the weekend totally flew by and our visitors (my mom and dad) were still here. On Saturday we had our "Stop By and Say Hi To Cy" Open House. Cy had great a turnout - he sure has a lot of friends already! We probably had about 75 people in all. Lots of kids, lots of relatives & friends. It was great! We went through a quarter barrell of beer in about 3 hours. Not bad.

And on Sunday Cy was baptised. Patrick & I both really really enjoyed it. You know, you go to a church service (especially one where you have to be there at 7:30am) and you think it is going to be nice and it is going to be meaningful of course but that's about it. We were surprised because it was actually fun for us. It was so touching to see Cy welcomed into Christianity by family and our neighbors. And it was touching to have our family and friends there in unity to support the little man.

Speaking of which, he just woke up. Gotta go! Cy, Annie and I are going to Block E theaters today to see Mama Mia. On Tuesdays you can bring your baby to the matinee! They turn the volume down a bit and they turn the lights up a little so it is comfortable for new moms.

As always, more pics to come!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

First video upload...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All the pics


I put a link to the online album that has all the pics from the vacation and Pam's wedding on the right hand side of this screen!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation recap

Well I am finally getting back to writing on here. It has been a busy two days! Yesterday Cy & I went out to lunch with his Godmother Annie D. And then Patrick, Cy & I went out to dinner with the Kelly's. Pat Kelly is friends with Patrick from a long time ago. They were coincidentally in our Childbirth class way back in Feb. We finally all got to go out & celebrate the arrival of our sons! Their son Danny was born in March. Cute little bugger.

Today Cy had his 2 month appt (his 2 month "birthday was on the 9th.) He is a big kid. 13 pounds and change. And he was a little toughie during his shots. Very brave.

Anyways, vacay was great! We started the vacation out in madison, wisco at my friend Pam's wedding. I was a bridesmaid. It was a super fun, very pretty wedding. Pam & Clint were married on the shores of Lake Mendota at Clint's parents' house. Their reception was at the Overture Center right on the top of State Street near the capital. I think she said there was like 300 people there. It was so pretty! I remember looking at Pam while the photographer was taking shots & thinking it looked like a magazine. I can't wait to see the pics! One of my favorite things was pumping breast milk in the handicap stall -- er wait -- that was one of my least fav things. One of my favorite things at the wedding was the surprise late night visit from Bucky Badger! I hit on him and he danced a few songs with him - including Varsity! It was a blast!

And after all that we were on our way up to the cabin! My cousins, aunts & uncles & bro all came from Seattle, LA, Chicago, Milwaukee, South Africa & Mpls. I realized that no matter where you go with a baby it is still work! I still showered with the kid in the car seat on the bathroom floor. However, I did get some great breaks away & was able to go running & swimming. Ahh it was great! It was so great that I decided to stay an extra week! I can tell Cy really likes being outside. He just totally chills out & looks around everytime we were out.

I loved having my cousin Kara & her baby Henry meet Cy. Henry was born in March. Kara's mom Sharon in my mom's identical twin.

It was great talking with my cousin Jens about her future baby too! She is adopting a little boy.... hopefully we will see him at Christmas!

I also was excited that my brother Mike finally got to meet his nephew! I was surprised at how good he was with him. Mike knew how to hold a baby! I think they dug eachother.

And finally, the real kicker was having my grandpa meet his great grandson - and his namesake. Cy met Cy. We celebrated Cy's 97 yr old birthday while the other Cy turned 7 weeks! Grandpa says that little Cy is definitely a leftie. He was always grabbing Gpa Cy's hand with his left hand.

This weekend is our open house. I hope you are coming! (that is unless you are some stranger from the general public in which case you are totally not invited and please get off my site! :) And on Sunday lil Cy is getting splashed with the holy water. Like I said earlier Annie is the fairy Godmother & Steve D is the Godfather.

ok, good night!


Monday, July 14, 2008

We're back!!!!!

Wow, a whole two and a half weeks away! It flew by! Little Cy hardle remembers this place... Thinking about it, I realize that he has practically spent a third of his life in Wisco so far. Smart kid.

Just got back into town last night. Since Cy hardly remembers MN anyways, we took advantage and threw the kid into his own crib in his own room last night (no more sharing a room with mom and dad!) It worked out ok. He was up a lot and I am pooped but we made it through the first night! He slept in short little stints. (11pm-1am, 2-5, 6-8) And even though he was in his own room, we could hear him grunting, snorting and farting (he is a good little farter) all night through the monitor. Man, newborns are noisy little sleepers! But I have to give the kid credit, he somehow managed to sleep the ENTIRE car ride home yesterday - all 5 hours - and still sleep a fair amount last night. Not bad. Why do I always seem to be writing about sleep on this blog? Ah, the life of a new mom!

I will write some more about the past two weeks in a bit. Time to get the little farter up for his first day back. Gpa Emmer is stopping over in a little while to inspect Cy's feet and fingers & make sure they didn't get too big in the past 2 weeks.