Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello World!

Hi from Fairview Southdale Hospital! Just kickin' it here with Baby Cy... Apparently he is nocturnal. Sweet & angelike in the daytime and a scream machine when the sun drops. His first night was a little rough. We were very grateful for the nursery here. Patrick brought him there at about 2am & he stayed there until 6am.. otherwise we would have had no sleep. I don't remember a lot but I remember waking up at all sorts of different times and seeing Patrick walking around with a little white bundle in his arms singing Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, etc... Poor Patrick had to get up every time lil Cy cried because I was still 'tied' to the bed.

Anyhow, we are estatic... cloud 9... this is all very very surreal! Patrick & baby are asleep together right now.. so cute! Here's some pics of the baby! Thank you for the well wishes! We can't wait for everyone to meet Mr Personality!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jill and Patrick on your new baby boy. Cy Senior and Bob were at lunch together at Frank's on Thursday and he was one very proud great grandfather, to say the least. These are great pictures! Lil Cy will like his new nursery too.

Clarice (friend of Grandma Cherwenka)

Anonymous said...

Cy is absolutely precious. Thank you for letting me meet him today. You two are pretty cool too.

Love, Katie