Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Having a baby is fun!

Yesterday we were discharged from the hospital & allowed to go back out into the real world. It felt so good and was so exciting!

We were such typical new parents - Patrick went 10 mph BELOW the speed limit. I sat in the back of the MINIVAN with baby. When we got home we debated if he was dressed warmly enough, did he need anything? should he be in the sun, how to introduce him to the doggie, etc. Pretty funny for two people who consider themselves 'laid back.' You should see Patrick! He speaks in baby talk, seems to actually LIKE changing diapers and totally dotes on the baby. He loves him so much!

Anyways Cy feeds every two hours so we are both worn out - but happy! Time for an Emmer family nap...

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Jennifer said...

Lil' Cy is so cute. He's just gorgeous Jill. Love the little gansta hat. All the best! Love you guys,