Friday, May 9, 2008

Cyril "Cy" James Emmer

May 9th, 2008
8:30 AM: Arrive at hospital and get into surgery early because person before us re-scheduled.
9:30 AM: I join Jill in the c-section room and she is calm and pain-free
10AM: Baby Cy is presented to the outside world and greats it will some good crying
11AM: in recovery room where Cy learns how to find his food source! He took to the boob quite nicely!
12AM: Move into our bedroom where the grandparents are there to greet us and take turns holding the baby...hundereds of pics are taken (some of which will be on this site next week)
3:30: Jonny brings a bottle of Scotch (nice call Jonny)...grandparents take off and we are alone as a family (except Jackson of course)
5PM: I am writing while JIll is dozing off with baby resting on her chest (Cy loves boobs)

Wow, I have to thank God for how smooth this day was amazing to see how big he was and to imagine he was in Jill's i can understand why she was so uncomfortable. I always thought that newborns were ugly little purple alien looking things, but I think he is really damn cute already...he has light brown hair and blue eyes and pudgy limbs. It is amazing to look close at his feet and fingers too...

Jill gets to self-administer Morphine now so she has been virtually pain free and alert the whole time until she dozed off moments ago...she was very strong today and I think she even surprised herself because she anticipated being scared and tearful.


Knoller said...

Dude that guy is a stud! Good job, congrats and welcome aboard.

Esayer said...

Yay! Congratulations!