Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More and More Alert!

Cy seems to be becoming more and more alert each day. He was awake for several hours, some of which were spent quietly looking around this morning! He really enjoyed the new play gym! Jackson was mesmerized as well.
Yes, that is a milk moustache in the pic.
Unfortunately, that means I haven't yet showered, or even brushed my teeth yet! I smell like a hippie! Ahhh the joys of new-mom-hood! He's starting to fade.. which hopefully will bring time for a quick shower. If not, Gma/Gpa will be here soon to help!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Today is your first day back at work and we miss you already! Thank goodness Gma & Gpa C are coming to walk Jackson because he is so hyper today! Mom says she misses you & thank you for the pretty lilacs! They were a sweet surprise.
Can you believe that we all came home from the hospital one week ago today?
Can't wait for you to come home!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks Jens!

Cy loves the outfit he got from 'auntie' Jens! Jens - I bet you made those booties, right? Soo cute! And the thermal is so snuggly! Thank you!
We are all doing really well!
I am still in a little pain at the incision site. I usually pick one floor - up or downstairs - to stay on all day and rest & muddle about there instead of dealing with the stairs. I still haven't walked Jackson or anything like that yet.
Cy seems to be thriving. He eats like a champ. He does a lot of cute chirping and muttering sounds throughout the day. At night he wakes us up a few times for diaper changes and feedings but it's not too bad. Last night he woke up at 11pm, 1am, 4am and the 7am. Each time he wakes up it is for about an hour. We are getting used to it. If you are going to have a baby by c-section I would highly recommend the Co-Sleeper. It really is saving us a lot of grief! He sleeps in it right next to the bed. Sometimes we just have to put our hand in there to sooth him & he's back to sleep. So convenient!
And Patrick continues to 'amaze' me. Twice today I asked him if he was serious. He was so consumed by the baby I thought he was joking. He just stares at the little baby. He won't stop smiling. He is very very happy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Having a baby is fun!

Yesterday we were discharged from the hospital & allowed to go back out into the real world. It felt so good and was so exciting!

We were such typical new parents - Patrick went 10 mph BELOW the speed limit. I sat in the back of the MINIVAN with baby. When we got home we debated if he was dressed warmly enough, did he need anything? should he be in the sun, how to introduce him to the doggie, etc. Pretty funny for two people who consider themselves 'laid back.' You should see Patrick! He speaks in baby talk, seems to actually LIKE changing diapers and totally dotes on the baby. He loves him so much!

Anyways Cy feeds every two hours so we are both worn out - but happy! Time for an Emmer family nap...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day! Wow, what a difference a day makes! I am feeling really really good (as long as I take my meds!) and baby Cy is a breast feeding champ! I call him "King of Boob Mountain."

Here's a few pics of our visitors from last night. The new grandparents will be here soon to celebrate Mom's Day with us. And, best of all, we get to GO HOME tomorrow!!

Can't wait to show Cy his new digs.

"Why Cy?" has been a recurrent question. It is my mom's dad's name. My grandpa. Baby Cy will get to meet his Great Grandpa Cy up at the cottage over the 4th. Back in February we told Grandpa Cy that we were going to name our baby Cy & he said "Oh my gosh you are going to name him that? I had to live my whole life with that name!" So even Grandpa asked us "Why Cy?"
The answer: It's unique. It's family. When you meet Cy - you see how well his name fits! Not to mention Patrick thinks "Cy Emmer" sounds like a professional athlete's name...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello World!

Hi from Fairview Southdale Hospital! Just kickin' it here with Baby Cy... Apparently he is nocturnal. Sweet & angelike in the daytime and a scream machine when the sun drops. His first night was a little rough. We were very grateful for the nursery here. Patrick brought him there at about 2am & he stayed there until 6am.. otherwise we would have had no sleep. I don't remember a lot but I remember waking up at all sorts of different times and seeing Patrick walking around with a little white bundle in his arms singing Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, etc... Poor Patrick had to get up every time lil Cy cried because I was still 'tied' to the bed.

Anyhow, we are estatic... cloud 9... this is all very very surreal! Patrick & baby are asleep together right now.. so cute! Here's some pics of the baby! Thank you for the well wishes! We can't wait for everyone to meet Mr Personality!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cyril "Cy" James Emmer

May 9th, 2008
8:30 AM: Arrive at hospital and get into surgery early because person before us re-scheduled.
9:30 AM: I join Jill in the c-section room and she is calm and pain-free
10AM: Baby Cy is presented to the outside world and greats it will some good crying
11AM: in recovery room where Cy learns how to find his food source! He took to the boob quite nicely!
12AM: Move into our bedroom where the grandparents are there to greet us and take turns holding the baby...hundereds of pics are taken (some of which will be on this site next week)
3:30: Jonny brings a bottle of Scotch (nice call Jonny)...grandparents take off and we are alone as a family (except Jackson of course)
5PM: I am writing while JIll is dozing off with baby resting on her chest (Cy loves boobs)

Wow, I have to thank God for how smooth this day went...it was amazing to see how big he was and to imagine he was in Jill's stomach...now i can understand why she was so uncomfortable. I always thought that newborns were ugly little purple alien looking things, but I think he is really damn cute already...he has light brown hair and blue eyes and pudgy limbs. It is amazing to look close at his feet and fingers too...

Jill gets to self-administer Morphine now so she has been virtually pain free and alert the whole time until she dozed off moments ago...she was very strong today and I think she even surprised herself because she anticipated being scared and tearful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hi! Just wanted to say that the baby was still breech yesterday so Friday is the day! C-Section. Looks like I will be in the hospital until Tuesday. Gotta run - trying to cram in a bunch of last minute stuff while I can still walk! very very excited!!