Friday, April 25, 2014

HI! Sorry it has been so long

I am intimidated by the enormous amount of photos and stories I have to share. Especially because I have two loud crazy boys running around destroying our house at this moment!

We had a great March. We went on a trip to Florida with another family. They have a condo there and were generous enough to invite us to stay with them. They have a young boy about a year younger than Cy and a little girl who is about a year older than Arlo. They all got along wonderfully and there was very little drama. The boys are still talking about that trip - the ocean, the airplane, etc a month later.

At the beginning of April I had jury duty for two weeks. I was on call. I had to call in twice a day. Every day at noon I called to see if they needed me at 1pm... which meant I needed a babysitter regardless of whether or not I had to go in. I ended up never having to go in once! Grandma Lynn came and helped during this time. We had a lot of fun despite the typical Spring colds that the boys had.

And now I am gearing up to pick up three girlfriends from the airport and have a girls weekend. We are all spending the weekend in a hotel downtown. Restaurants, the spa and some serious fun! I am super excited!

So here are some pics from our Florida trip! I'll catch up on the Minnesota April pics in a bit! Happy Spring family and friends!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

march so far

Hi! I just posted picture from our trip -- see the following post. Other than that we have been up to the usual life with two boys in a frozen tundra. However, this past week the temp broke and we actually had a few days of 40 degree weather. Pure bliss! We had over two feet of snow on the ground so the melt has begun to occur at a rapid pace.
The boys are just totally nuts. They shreek, yell, fight, play, laugh, negotiate, and imagine ALL DAY LONG. There is never a quiet or dull moment here (well, except for at dessert time, then they're completely silent.)
Arlo has become absolutely obsessed with Superman. He wears his costume everywhere. He has a growing collection of superman shirts and jammies, etc. Mostly because he begs to wear it every day and I can't do laundry that often!
 On Thursdays Boppa (or sometimes Nana) comes and Cy and I ski. A few times it was too cold so we went to museums. This was one of our favorite museums! Mill City - the Gold Medal Flour museum.
 Awesome views

 Patrick and I had a grown up night out with friends one night.

 Superman running down the streets of Minneapolis

 urban exploring
No need to explain migration here! We show it to them! It was an unbelievable sight!  Anyways we are all just busting with energy and SO excited that spring is approaching!!!! Yippeee!

Red Lodge Montana

HI! A few weeks ago, while Patrick was in Japan, Cy and I headed out west to Montana. We met Grandma Lynn, Fishpa and Uncle Mike there for a long weekend of skiing. We flew into Billings and then drove up to Red Lodge. It was the perfect small old-school ski town we had been looking for!
 A Cy selfie from earlier in the month

 first time ever seeing the mountains!!
 first time skiing the mountains since kids!
 first time skiing the mountains as a 70 year old. Total shredder. Still skied all the black runs.
 deer everywhere
 That's uncle mike. We had a day or two of major snow -- which meant fabulous, dreamy powder skiing -- but pure white out conditions.

 turkeys roamed all over red lodge. They're even up in the trees! Hoards of them

 fishpa, cy and uncle mike
And home again to our big cherry and spoon.
We had a terrific time of course. We rented a house -- and it had a hot tub and we each had our own bedrooms. We were so tired from skiing and cozy inside our house that we never went out to dinner a single time!! After skiing each evening I'd run out, chase deer with my camera and then go grab a few things from the grocery store for dinner.
Cy was a baller. The kid didn't get hung up in the powder at all. He plowed right through it. He was skiing black diamonds too. 5 years old and black diamonds in Montana! Wow, I am a proud mama! There were even people on the chairlift saying "look at that kid!" Seriously. It was awesome.
Such a wonderful trip. I am so glad we had the chance to go!!!